HackerNoon 2.0 Article Formatting Issues


Congrats on the move to HackerNoon 2.0.

@support I’ve noticed a couple of anomalies in the way articles are formatted.

  1. Bullet points don’t have bullets. The points are indented, but no bullets which looks weird. eg: see section “Design Goals” on this article.

  2. Code blocks use a variable instead of fixed pitch font. eg: see any example code block in the same article.

  3. Inline code spans are rendered as paragraphs with no distinguishing styling.

    eg: compare how <inheritdoc /> appears correctly in the editor:

    but incorrectly in the same published article as linked above.

  4. It’d be great if the rendered article’s headings had id attributes so they could be directly linked to.

Hi there @brad-robinson! Thanks so much for letting us know about these issues. I was able to identify potential reasons for why this is happening in the stories and will be making sure this gets tracked and addressed in an upcoming release.

As one of the front end engineers, I’m glad you all are bringing this to our attention. With all the great content coming in and still managing some of the post-launch clean-up, some things are getting out of the peripheral :slight_smile:

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