Hacker Noon's Bitcoin Manifesto

Hacker Noon’s Bitcoin Manifesto

Hint: We’re Turning Up the Heat on Bitcoin Stories. Only the best will make the cut.

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The fact that you are trying to bring in more serious and value stuffed content related to Bitcoin is appreciable. But just doing so for one hashtag and leaving aside the others still gives room for poor quality content, doesn’t it?

Don’t you think going for the quantity will have an adverse effect on quality?

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1 million words in a single month? How many editors does that take to read and publish?

By the way, great move to give an exclusive space for bitcoin specific articles.

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Thankfully, at least someone realizes that crypto adoption is still some years away and realizes that creating unnecessary hype won’t help. I loved that part.

So many people in the crypto industry are acting as if cryptos are the immediate future. Like it’ll be there everywhere just tomorrow. No, it won’t be. With whatever basic understand I have of cryptos, I’m sure it’ll perform great in the long run, but people are still not ready for it. And we can’t force it to them.


We’re not gonna ignore the others. Just gonna get stricter with #bitcoin.

Think of it this way. Our software development and programming stories hardly ever run into the problem of vested interests trying to sneak a feature in. But, when you come to Blockchain stories, it’s all about that. As the biggest cryptocurrency, bitcoin gets tagged more because of altcoin related stories than actual btc stories.

This is a tightening of our editorial policies. We’re hopeful you’ll find great value in this exercise once #bitcoin-spotlight starts to get populated.

Thank You.

@Storm, @natasha, @piratebeachbum, and @David are the Hacker Noon editors who’ve, between them, reviewed and published over a million words.

Storm codes for Hacker Noon too. Natasha looks after The Noonies too. Pirate is also an advisor to Hacker Noon. And David, as CEO, spends all his time here.

So yeah. Hacker Noon editors spend a lot of time on the product and with the product.

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That’s the excitement that fueled the great ICO boom of the 2017.

That’s the idea behind bitcoin-spotlight. Get people educated about bitcoin.

I like this article very much. Only HN keeping me updated which is going on on crypto-scene.
Nice work!

We want to make a push for more Bitcoin content at Hacker Noon, but we’re not all Bitcoin maximalists. I’d in fact consider myself to be a Bitcoin minimalist.

I believe some of the most interesting tech is happening outside the Bitcoin blockchain and that tech should have a voice at Hacker Noon. It is fair that these non-Bitcoin stories don’t pollute our Bitcoin tags. But hackers should be very interested in smart contracts and new functionality available in emerging blockchains. That content should be free to carve out its own space on Hacker Noon.

Nori is an example of an emerging tech that I’ve had my eye on and would absolutely love to see a thoughtful story on Hacker Noon. They appear to be building a carbon capture marketplace and I’d really like to better understand how it is supposed to work. How will hackers build tech on top of the Nori platform and provide tools for farmers to use?