Hacker Noon Writer Dashboard Welcome Screen


i’m preparing my content for a new HN website

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Cool. When will it be live?

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@David @arthur.tkachenko

I am trying to find out New Hackernoon site for submission new stories, but didn’t find out.

What’s new site link to submit a draft?

I also get down few posts, I really don’t know what’s happening on there.

See the down posts:

@faizan4it - right now a migration process taking place -so a lot of things might be not working or looking like it don’t working. I’ll advice to wait few days, while all will be settle down - i’m sure old posts will be comeback.
About form - it will be enabled or replaced with a new submission process

@David can you please provide me with the ToS that tells me I agreed that my content would be moved from Medium and not copied from Medium.

I don’t remember this. Previously my posts always existed in two places and now they only exist in one. Where does it say this would happen? Where did I sign away the rights to my content?

Also I heard that it might take “days” to get this content back. This is unacceptable. You guys need to revert changes if within 24 hours you cannot transition. Then try again next weekend.

I’m ok with my content being gone for 24 hours. I’m not ok, I never agreed, I never consented to my content being gone for days.

I assume it was my pessimistic estimate.

We all waiting while guys are battling with this migration process. I still think that we all should wait a bit. I’m 100% sure team is working on making things works. Please don’t worry and give them some more time.

There can be actually a problem on Mediums end, because they need to update DNS urls. So i think you can send them an email and ask for some feedback.

You might also find useful this link: https://help.hackernoon.com/app/page/1009q4OfcPSp8ZKdyB1OZCVzSKRCwvKvB

and watch this video for an explanation about migration HN away from Medium: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy4Lduu9CKg

Hey @joshuadavis31.
Your story is still on Medium’s servers - they just need to change their back end so the URL does not direct to Hacker Noon.

We are still working hard to get content back up on HackerNoon.com.

In the meantime, you can also remove your story from the Hacker Noon publication on Medium to see it.

Dear @faizan4it - to submit a story to HackerNoon.com, please sign in with your community account, then click on new draft. Don’t forget to update your profile with your Medium handle to see your old stories.

As for the missing content, we are working hard on this today and will get back in touch. Rest assured, they are still backed up on our server & Medium server! Sorry about the inconvenience!

Hey @linh Where is the login button/link on the homepage? When I go directly to auth.hackernoon.com I end up in a endless login loop.

Hey Tom. After you go through auth.hackernoon.com, can you see a profile avatar on the top right corner on hackernoon.com?
And what happens when you click on app.hackernoon.com?

No. That means I would be logged in but I continuously get the same login screen after entering my credentials. My credentials only get me access to the subdomain community.

Navigating to app.hackernoon.com/new I get this screen allowing me to write, but still shows “login” not an avatar

Gotcha. This might have to do with this one bug we keep seeing of name not displaying.

One idea. If you try to sign up again with a variation of your email -will it work?

So for example, my email is support@hackernoon.com, but i can try to sign up again under support+testing@hackernoon.com.

Let me see where that takes you. Sorry to be so vague - we are working slightly blind because we can’t replicate the errors on our end. Just trying to exhaust all of our options here.

Thanks. This seems to be relevant to the browser. It works fine on Firefox but not on Opera using Mac.

Not to push into the conversation but hi there! To my knowledge, I know we’re supporting the latest and greatest browsers (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge) and test for compatiability frequently on these platforms, but I’m less sure about Opera. @Dane and/or @austin may be able to confirm whether this is on our radar for support at this time or down the road.

I hope this helps!

Glad you are chiming in. Why wouldn’t Opera be considered? It’s making a come back with features such as an integrated cryptocurrency wallet and a free built-in VPN.

Hello @David,

Here is my profile: https://hackernoon.com/@robertadixon08 (404 page).
Still not able to login my profile from back 15 days after reset my password (with removed all cache).

Kindly get me out of this.
Waiting for your reply !!


That’s a great question! I personally don’t use Opera myself, mostly out of being a creature of habit and I haven’t tried it out. If I had to hazard to guess I’d say market share? Chrome, FF, IE/Edge, and Safari make the the lion’s share of the market which is why they are typically the most readily supported browser; not just for Hacker noon

That is, however, not to say we won’t be supporting Opera fully in the future, just that while we’re still ramping up, the focus would be on those more widely used browsers. I hope this clears some things up, and as I don’t speak for the entire dev team I’d ask more of our developers as well :slight_smile:

Hi @support
I’m having a new issue with logging in on auth.hackernoon.com
After entering my credentials, I get theerror 400 "The email address is already in use by another account." This occurs on Chrome, Firefox, Opera on Mac.

You can use this same email you use to sign in to tom2 on community to sign in to hackernoon.com! Lmk if that works :slight_smile: