Hacker Noon Headline Writing


Headlines frame the story for the reader and serve as a multiplier for distribution. What are the 3 most important guidelines for improving headlines? Working on that. Here’s a draft:

Any headline writing guidelines to add?



This looks great to me. When it comes to Language Specificity, it can often be challenging to find the right level of abstraction for both humans and machines.

For humans, it is often desirable to be more implicit. Humans are better at “reading between the lines” to understand context and intent.

For machines, it is desirable to increase specificity. They find it much more difficult to parse headlines as they attempt to understand and categorize content.

Having an awareness of this tradeoff should help writers produce more accessible content. I’d tend to lean more toward optimizing for humans vs machines. But if a little extra specificity doesn’t degrade the human experience then it is probably better than being overly implicit.

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