Grupa: A Startup built to help other Startups start up

Hi there,

Do you have a particular startup whose service offerings have been beneficial to you? If yes, I know that sweet feeling. Knowing that there are startups doing all they can to improve the life of many and you just happen to be one of them.

You can imagine the thought process of these startups and the amount of effort they are putting to not just solve our problems but also doing so in the best possible way.

Without doubt, startups don’t always have it easy and this could be as a result of different factors, one of which is a stable product.

Team work makes the dream work right? This is where Grupa comes in. Helping startups start up while they help you and many more.

How does Grupa help startups start up?

In 3 simple steps:

  • Listen to their ideas
  • Match them with the right team of product engineers who have worked/work with the big tech companies in the United States
  • Manage work on the engagement side of the platform by both the startup and the talents to speed up the engineering process.

As easy as you like!

You can also join the Grupa marketplace as an individual and angel invest your time working with great startups. Learn more here.