Gone...gone for good

Now that I look back, it shouldn’t have ended the way it did. I should have just ran when I had the chance. It all started in second grade, when Becca Ford and Jane Smith became the best of friends. They stuck by each other through thick and thin, nothing could get between their friendship. They knew mostly everything about each other.

As soon as they started high school, Becca and Jane drifted… a lot. Becca was the most popular girl at school, she didn’t need to study as her grades had always been average, and she was also dating the most popular boy in school – Danny Stansfield. But on the other hand, Jane was the complete opposite, all she would do is study, she had the perfect grades. Jane also was part of the freaks of the school, so she would eat her lunch by the bins in the corner with all her nerdy friends.

When one day, Jane asked Becca is she could sit at the table with her. She said yes. Jane couldn’t believe that she was sat at the same table as all the populars. Few days past and Jane saw her self-getting closer to Danny. She would catch herself thinking of him 24/7, and when he’s around her she felt butterflies in her stomach.

Becca, noticed that her ex-boyfriend and Jane was getting closer than she’s ever been with him. She hated it. The feeling. The feeling that she could possibly be a better girlfriend, then Becca could ever be. She had to get Jane gone… Gone for good. Becca started to be really friendly to Jane, and then before you knew it they we’re becoming mates again. They’d go out shopping at the mall together, have lunch together. It was just like the old times…

Then one day Becca was talking about a party near the blue bird woods, at an abandoned car park, she asked Jane is she wanted to go with her. And of course Jane jumped at the chance; she never been to a popular party before. Becca told Jane she would pick her up at 21:00. The day of the party came and Jane was so excited, she couldn’t wait. Hours went by and Becca pulled up at Jane’s house. Jane was all dressed up thinking she was going to have the best night ever! She said bye to her parents and ran to Becca’s black BMW.

Shortly after, they pulled up to an empty carpark, not a person was in sight. They got out of the car and lit up a cigarette. “Where is everyone?” Jane asked. Becca looked Jane straight in the eyes and replied “oh no, did I get the wrong day? Oops”, at this moment Jane knew Becca was being fake to her the whole time. Jane felt a flash of terror go down her spine like thunder and lightning striking a lonesome tree. Jane was panicking.

Becca opened her car boot and reached in and picked up a silver crow bar. Raised it above Jane’s head, but quickly hid it as Jane turned around. “Fuck!” shouted Jane. “You scared me for a second.” Jane saw Becca’s hand behind her back, but she thought she was just itching it. Becca then said “what’s that’s over there?” then point far into the distance towards some trees. Jane looked over. “Where…” she proclaimed, and before Jane’s words could leave her rose red lips. Becca swung and full on hit her, hard in the back of the head, with the crow bar.

Before Becca knew what to do next, Jane was unconscious on the cold concrete floor, with her blood surrounding her. “Next time, don’t mess with a bitch.” Becca bellowed at Jane’s lifeless body. She was gone…

Hours before Becca placed some wipes and white gloves in her glove compartment of the car she hired, she slipped them on and started to wipe down the evidence of the crime scene. The next job was to move the body, into the boot of the black BMW. At the moment of time, Becca instantly regretted what she had done. She thought about taking her to a hospital, but she knew that they would ask a lot of questions on how Jane is in this position, because of this Becca knew not to take her to hospital and to carry on with her plan.

She started to drag Jane’s body along the stony, rough concrete floor, while thinking ‘what have I done, we were friends for 17 years. And now I’ve just murdered her’. Becca lifted Jane’s legs into the boot of the car and then her other half of the body was just hanging. So she lifted the other half and quickly threw it into the car, and slammed the door shut. Becca leaned against the back of the car and then looked up into the dark night sky. Without realizing, a tear shed from her eye.

Becca’s gloves had blood all over them, she decided to take them off. She reached into her back pocket and brought out her purple lighter, she placed the gloves onto the floor next to the pool of blood. She lit the lighter, catching fire to the gloves. She watched them go up in flames. By watching this, Becca remembered she had petrol in the back seat of the car. She stamped out the gloves, and ran to the back of the car to get the petrol can. Also collecting her personal items out of the car.

While crying her eyes out, Becca unscrewed the lid of the can and started to pour the contents all over the car. Inside and out. Shaking on the spot, Becca threw in the petrol can into the car and shut the door. She knew her time was running out. So she went into her back pocket again, and brought out the same purple lighter. And lit the flame on the lighter and held it closely next to the car. Seconded later, the whole car was up in flames.

Before she knew it she was bolting for her life away from the flames with tears running down her face. Hoping nobody would find the car any time soon – or at all! All Becca could think about is what would happen as soon as somebody found the car, or even Jane’s lifeless body…

                                    **THE END.**

by madi sawyer