Going Phygital: How VR/AR Technology Shapes the eCommerce Today

Going Phygital: How VR/AR Technology Shapes the eCommerce Today

I’ve already written about the things I dislike about shopping: from long lines to poorly lit dressing rooms. With digital solutions now the norm and the growth of mobile devices, virtual and augmented reality are set to change the shopping experiences we’re used to. The pain points are now replaced with interactive experiences that inform and entertain.

the best thing I’ve heard that AR/VR will do to ecommerce is making buying experience more real. As you mentioned, it’ll be so easy to buy clothes after trying them on. VIRTUALLY.

For now, these services are not very common as they’re not cheap enough. With time, I hope they become affordable for everyone.

Yeah, this is all about combining convenience and preserving real-life experiences while shopping. Although I don`t think we should expect the technology to spread actively, VR seems to be promising for digital commerce.

Exactly, such platforms require much time & efforts in both development and testing. No wonder why they`re that expensive and not common so far. Also hope the things will be better with time.