GitHub Sponsors is So F*ckin' Smart

What is the program? High level:

  • Monthly recurring donations to open source projects with 0% fees
  • GitHub matches up to $5k in the “developer’s first year”


  • More OSS projects get funding
  • Microsoft deepens its hold on developers

More info:


Agreed, it’s a brilliant move on their part. Microsoft is honestly starting to worry me…they’re embedding an entire Linux kernel in Windows now! If you had told me that 10 years ago, I would’ve thought you were on some sort of drugs. I think it’s a part of the “embrace, extend, extinguish” strategy – we’re just in the first stages, and it’s great for developers. For now. The worry comes when I think about the potential futures, and the most likely future is that they’re going to push developers more and more onto Windows, and we’ll lose all the Unix-based goodness we’ve come to know and love (or hate).


Same feelings. I was thinking about appying to OpenCollective, but this product/service/section can be a real help for my case. And this is a second big announcement from Github at this week/month

Prev chat here: Github package store

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Totally agree. It’s a great decision for GitHub. I build my project with a lot of OSS for free, but I like to support via Buy Me A Coffee. OSS developers should make money by only their projects, they are the same as university professors.


Thread of GitHub Sponsor makers:
And CEO of OpenCollective thoughts:

Another aggressive move from GH:
Microsoft, can you relogin to your account?

Bright move, but in all honesty - why don’t they sponsor content that’s already made github what it is today?

Does anyone have data how much super popular repo-creators got paid for work millions use today? They waited until there was Patreon or had to make something tangible on top of software to make it look awesome on kickstarter…

Just establishing a donation channel with matchup guarantee doesn’t seem much of a dev-appreciation community building.

It’s like - if others find you so good as to support you with payment (notwithstanding all stars and favs) - I am in up to USD 5000 - holding a high badge of community development evangelism.

Not sure if this becomes funding channel for so many future MS products.