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Github released a new feature

What do you think about, and how it will affect the open source community?
will it kill/improve

Right now they don’t care about PHP - it’s fun to see :slight_smile:

Money or Passion?

I haven’t paid much attention to package registries, but right now I’m getting a bit scared about GitHub gaining monopoly over the whole software development process :hushed:

It’d be cool to have a more tightly integrated system, as GitHub’s will probably be, but on the other hand it may be so tight that we can’t get out. So I don’t know what the future is, but I’m hoping it ends up improving and the like through competition, rather than eliminating it completely.


i don’t think that it’s about monopoly right now. i think that MS, after puchase, as usually - want to make some profit. and this idea seems good way. especially that most of npmjs plugins already hosted at github.
i think right now npmjs in the same position, that jQuery plugins directory was before. So evolve or die. i think they will evolve - especially because they(NPM) just switched top managers.

Also, a lot of experienced developers still scared to share their code and use gitlab and bitbucket. So… At least i’m ok with monopoly of open source rather that what was 10 years ago :wink:


I know it’s not monopoly now, but there’s always the risk of heading in that direction. Microsoft already controls LinkedIn, and Azure, which means it already has a great influence on the hiring as well as development process. Having a plugin registry will make people even more dependent on their services.

But you’re right, it’s better than 10 years ago, and there is still quite a bit of competition (I use GitLab myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Plus Git itself is decentralised so there’s no risk of losing the main code even if you have to switch away the rest for some reason.

Less on the philosophical side: I’m sure the feature would be very convenient for plugin developers. (Just as the “releases” feature is convenient for me: it’s one reason I still use GitHub as well as GitLab, because the latter doesn’t give special treatment to “release” tags and doesn’t let me upload such large files).

Also, I don’t know much about plugins beyond doing npm install to get them: what were the issues with that you were referring to? Also, I sometimes see plugin installers download git repos anyway (not sure if it was pip, npm or something else): so perhaps the change isn’t as radical as it seems? :thinking:

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yes, the change is not radical. they just start to cut bigger pile. as i understand. and their aims is reasonable. JS is 50% of github repos.

for npm it’s hard to search(yes it have a separated search) and a lot of plugins are outdated(same prob with jQuery). so maybe by applying that workflow via Github - a lot of things can be improved quicky- for example maintenance & support.

btw, news from npm:


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