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Ok, so my main progress and content stored at this place.
Feel free and give me a star, because this work definitely help some beginners to become better developers

I’m very close to complete content for this course and start filming it. But - right now I don’t have a PC with a webcam and another setup. So when my aunt will arrive back - I’ll use her laptop and film things. For sure, it’ll be a bit stressing, because you cannot start doing things like talking/filming without preparation or without the passion for doing it. So we’ll see how it’s going on

P.S. sorry for errors, maybe will fix them later. Or not

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One of cool ideas was to publish that repo as a product at ProductHunt. Not because i did it great. I have hope that someone else, that will work on the same thing - will find my repo and save some time. I hate when something is doing again and again - it’s stupid.

I keeping slides here:

This is a docusaurus website installation, that I plan to deploy online and use as slidedeck, when I’ll film my video. It will also help me to not learn whole text, i can just read it from the screen:

One of the goals of this course: I see how my interns know how to code, but they have troubles to jump into our coding workflow.

I’m a bit proud of our workflow - because I spend a lot of time to set it up and test with real people.

But they know only about commits and repositories. But they have problems at the beginning of the whole collaboration process. Like they usually code on their own and put the code on their repositories.

So it’s crucial for me to have a place with links, where I can share things related to git/GitHub features.

Where I see my own students stuck(And we can a nice process of “loosing” lazy/busy people)

  • PRs is hard
  • changes in PRs hard
  • committing frequently is hard as well
  • merge conflicts at code are scaring them as fuck :slight_smile:

I even don’t talk about applying git-flow, using good PR descriptions, adding tasks to PRs or chose tasks with commit messages. I hope I’ll implement it in the future at mass numbers.

And it’s not only a problem for newbies, entry-level developers.
A lot of people don’t know or lazy to use it. I saw an example nowadays. My friend started to play a game and find a new job = he received a test assessment. And he is experienced. Like experienced. But as nobody watching him - he drops all un-necessary things and commits his only once - when he finishes test assessment. So how we can judge students that learn to code if people with 4 years lazy to do important things like code tracking.

So it’s win-win for a few things that I’m working on.

  1. it’s improving our coding process
  2. developers learn more real work skills
  3. I hope this my approach will help to start to make money for the 3 years
  4. it’s improving the value for my school project - because I can show people more of my teaching work and they will be easily convinced to join us.
  5. re-reading and teaching a bunch of articles about git is also improving my own skills as a developer. actually - I was a bad developer before I started my prev. company. So it also adding points to my working process too :slight_smile:

yesterday I filmed the first set of videos

will make more today, plan to film more long videos, explaining CheckIn, CheckOut logic and talk about staging environment

looks like most preparation was done, just need to perfect next bunch of slides, put images on it, etc

After filming, plan to deploy the whole website to GitHub. Maybe even make it better and release on ProductHunt in few months. right now lazy to do it. Also, videos are not perfect but will release it as it is and maybe later will refilm some of them.

right now it’s just basics. But want to release a second course where i’ll touch gitflow, forking workflow, feature branch workflow as well.

there also an idea to explain more deeply about GitHub tools like issues, milestones, etc but that part is only at begining of preparation.

i’m in a tight schedule here, because Startup School will started at July, 22 - so need to finish at least what was started, so I can focus on Food Aliance for a few weeks

got a message from another lms. as usually - they didn’t answer to my direct messages about how much exactly can be made as teacher(looks like so so so hard and unusual question)…

I put biggest part of that chats, and you see, no one decide to answer that question :slight_smile:


Hi Arthur We would like to invite you for uploading your training videos at our E-Learning Portal , Name is Our E-Learning Portal is a fastest growing market place.Here we promote your course at worldwide and you can earn great revenue from your course with us. Please have a look-

  • elaborate more about “great revenue” - because i have some negative experience and right now trying to be very carefully
  • yes, let’s discuss how we can collaborate - but i need more details for my simple questions

We rum all kind of marketing campaign for getting enrollment.
We know we are new that’s why we put lots of effort for getting enrollment as we know instructor put lots of effort for making course , So they deserve more

let put this straight - you telling a “common sales” messages. let’s cut it to a numbers. like I have one course created right now. it’s about flexboxes and duration is about 1h. if i publish that course on your platform - what range of money it’s possible to get - without any promotion from my side. because i want to create a content - but don’t want to market it


Hello, I am from GoGetterz, a Japanese online education startup. We would like to propose hosting your courses on our platform. We are growing fast and offer very generous commission rates to our contributors.

I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. We at GoGetterz are focussed on making sure that our experts get most generous incentives and overall satisfying experience. If you have any specific concerns, please let me know and I will try to help you with that.

i’m interested to try to work with you, but again - it should be worth trying(if we’re talking about creating video courses).

  • tell me this: if i’ll upload a course at your platform - how much i’ll be able to make
  • i mean filming process is the most complex part for me - and i see that i can easily generate coding articles and they gain me good views on Hackernoon so far

i understand that answer to my question depends on many factors, but i don’t want to produce course that will bring me $50 once - it really not worth trying

We are a very fast growing Japanese company with offices already in Tokyo and Mumbai. Our expansion plans already include UAE, Thailand and Australia. Thus, with time the money that you can make will grow.

However, until you are not convinced, you can simply upload videos that you already have and not make the new ones. Also, we do not seek exclusivity, so we do not mind if the same video is also hosted on some other company’s platform.

  • yes it helps, but you not answer my question
  • ok, as ceo to ceo - i’ll give it a try

Opportunity to get featured as Author!!! Be part of Simpliv training panel! Dear Arthur, Greetings from Simpliv!!! a platform for learning and teaching online courses through video library by recognized industry experts. I would like to take this opportunity to propose a partnership of having your video tutorials on our online training platform ( ) We found your learning & teaching experience extremely gripping and intellectual. This will go well with the attractive payment options & a generous percentage in profit shares we provide. We also offer our unique course uploader service to our Instructors / Authors, where we take up the responsibility to upload your videos onto our platform, hence helping you save your valuable time for further course construction. We work with experts like you to identify and create niche training which would be of interest to students/entry level professional and industry insiders. We have recently been through your profile and think your work is great and it would be a pleasure to have your courses on our portal!!! I would like to share the complete details of the proposal to your email id. Please share your email address and direct contact number to discuss this proposal in detail so that you can share your interest to be a part of our journey.

to be honest, i’m very “scared” to be a part of teaching platform again. it was not a very good experience for me

I understand that you did not have had a good experience with the past e-learning platforms. Please be assured that we are different from the existing portals in the market at the moment.

We do not bind our authors in any manner. You can sign up on the website, once you sign up we will share the cloud drive links where you can share the course link with us and we will upload the same on your behalf which will save on your time.

You have the liberty of pricing the course as per your wish and can leave the portal at any point of time, in case you are not happy with the course sales,

Taking about the marketing strategies:

  1. We are doing marketing in all the Social Media sites (ex: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter etc)
  2. Promotion has been done in Events Sites, Partner Sites and Third Party Sites.
  3. Offline Promotion using Pamphlets
  4. Email Marketing exclusively for all the Courses and much more ways….

let’s assume i upload my course at your platform. how much money, preliminary i can make

and i understand that it depends on course price - but let’s assume that i set the lowest number that is possible

again, i’m not expecting huge amount - but with my current skillset i can - but with skillshare i work on my course for 2 months and getting 20 bucks it’s really bad.

We understand that sales is not a plus point for you but we have the experience in marketing and sales.

As you mentioned that you are good at teaching, we can combine your experience and ours to see the results.

You can join us and share the courses that you have already created in the past and once we begin marketing we can share the feedback with you. If you are happy with our services, you can create new content for our platform.

ok, let’s simplify it a bit. i have a course at flexboxes - it’s HTML/CSS or Frontend related topic. it has a theory and a practical part. again i understand that you cannot give me an exact number. but at least tell me more

i didn’t give up teaching after the situation with SS. I have a team of interns-students from around the globe and they learn to code on practice. all code is open sourced and I can show you what they did. so I think I understand the major processes in learning.

and i don’t charge that interns. they join me for free and a big part of them from developing countries like China, India, Nigeria, etc. hope that it will clean up my karma :slight_smile:

right now, instead of video courses - i write articles at different coding topics and publish them on a very prestigious magazine - Hackernoon. because filming takes a lot of my time and text is easier to type.

Ok, I finished 2 courses around Git at this moment.

For both of them I created free coupon for HN readers. They expiring at September 26th.


I think I should create 2 articles and post links there

This course was tough to produce. First of all - I was stuck at August - because one section, related to the reviewing process was really hard to create. I wanted to put everything inside of it, but it takes me around 3 weeks when I finally realize an order of my slides. Sure, I continued filming that slides, but it was pressing me - because I know that this part was not solved yet. It has a big number of slides/videos/information inside of it. My longest course for now.

And I actually forget 2 times about some videos that I have. I was like wow - you should be more focused… because I film a few videos with real examples of how I’m actually reviewing the code of my own repositories. And then I forget about these videos till the last few days, when I complete everything else and was able to chill and slowly review everything that I made.

I think this course contains ~ 80 lessons. Some of them short, some have 4-5 minutes length. But it was hard to organize everything in one place, especially when you want to add more and more.

Ok, hope you will enjoy it.

As usually, 100 free coupons for “our people”

  1. the first part of course