Getting into dapp development


So I’ve been looking at dapps and trying to wrap my head around it all so I can start to move over with my dev work - anyone know of any good resources to learn more and get into it properly?

I’ve been playing with IPFS a little and do have a simple static site hosted there but I want to go further- IPFS doesn’t cover the backend after all.



GUN is interesting. Getting a hello world up and running is very easy compared to alternative approaches I’ve seen.



Thanks for the link! GUN looks very easy yet powerful - will definitely have to look further into it



Looks like there’s a gap in our editorial on the subject of where to find good dapp dev resources…

keeping an eye on this thread :eyes:



Thanks for some more links! I have just come across this one myself



This looks very useful as a web3 starting point, pulled from that list ^

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Here are a lot of courses,so you can take a look at them and choose which one is better for you.



I found Holochain and Crowd Machine to be extremely useful for creating distributed apps.

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Hey Raziel, do you know what kind of Dapp you’d like to develop? Blockstack has some good ones, also someone from Zilliqa posted a message here : Dapps on Zilliqa blockchain :slight_smile:



Hey! A little biased here but Blockstack provides a full stack for dapps and you can get going on just about 60 minutes. No need to learn a new language or deal with complex code bases, it’s also a little easier for users to get started on. Here’s the tutorial, it also covers App Mining which pays developers building with Blockstack! We’re seeing folks build their first dapps during hackathons and at Meetups so I think you’ll catch on quick too! Reach out to if you need any help along the way!



I agree 100%. I’ve been browsing around for a simpler way to develop dApps due to Solidity unnecessarily being a statically typed, object-oriented language that they claim is built like JS. Blockstack offers very in detail documentation and is truly based on making it easiest to get developers from beginning to functioning dApp as efficiently as possible. This text will be hidden

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