Get Your Story to the Relevant Editor Faster via our New Contact Form

Get Your Story to the Relevant Editor Faster via our New Contact Form:

Hi David - I have a question that isn’t an option in the contact editor’s form – I submitted a story concerning a data study (which ends on Oct 7) regarding media coverage and sentiment for the two presidential candidates. It is a story that broke yesterday when they posted it on their blog and is by nature a time-sensitive story, if we wait a week sentiments could have shifted and the story would need to be updated (if they update the study.) I don’t know any official way to let editors know when a story is time-sensitive. Thoughts? thanks, Justin

Hey @justin-roberti, the story is live now —>

First and foremost, we should bake this into the submission process, i.e. ability to mark a time sensitive story when submitting it. We’ve thought a bit about this, but I am curious, is there other information you think should be passed off from writer to editor upon submitting a story?

Secondly, original stories perform better, so when editors prioritize which stories to read first, they prioritize original stories first. This one was previously published elsewhere.

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Great, thank you.

it seems like a short text box is the best bet to give editors a short description of when something is time-sensitive and why. (or we risk that everyone marks everything high priority)

I need to change my own process a bit – I publish on Medium first as a way of tinkering with the story before I submit it. But hadn’t considered how it effects prioritization on your end. thanks for your help, Justin

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