Future of energy sector in blockchain

The cryptocurrency market is still unsaturated, despite the fact that there are more than 2000 projects listed in Coinmarketcap’s index. If we look into platforms of newborn currencies, we will notice constant growth. Recently ICOBench, the biggest portal for new developers has announced about 5600 currencies that are currently operating in their database.

In this paper, I would like to focus on not only what cryptocurrencies are doing, but what they should focus on doing in order to avoid conflict of interest and change the world for better, And in doing so, we can strengthen the value of the real coin regardless of the cost scale.

First Let’s briefly discuss, what’s a functional blockchain platform is and what type of blockchain projects do we encounter nowadays in reality. First of all, every project is almost different and there are different kinds of platforms. For example: In some which users can exchange currencies in that security, trustworthiness and exchange speed are important factors to look at and that’s all the platform needs in order to be functional. If we are looking for a similar type of blockchain currency we have a lot of options in each part of coinmarketcap listing (in first top20 coins we got over 30% of directly paying tools). One of the perfect examples is a binance coin (BNB) which is the means of payment created by the cryptocurrency exchange. There are other platforms as well some of which are like, Agro products exchange, Medical stuff swap or real estate market, etc.

The other category is composed of coded blockchains which are made for entrepreneurs and the business world. IF somebody is looking for these types of coins they can type “blockchain for business” in any web browser and it will directly show them different provider’s websites but, of course, You have to find a trustable coded blockchain whose core values are safety and anonymity and all other factors as well. secondly From my perspective, According to such a market situation, Most of the projects are heading towards the meaningless end, just as their influence on payment’s process, technologies and society’s reality.

These above two aspects are often overlooked by cryptocurrency developers, Maybe because most of the projects are only about payments? OR Because it still works? And What about progress, usefulness, and technology development process overall? Without enhancing these skills we won’t achieve desired results and will just extend the time before cracking another price bubble. So, Here are my suggestions,vision, and actions which should be taken.
One of the examples I want to address is Serenity source Blockchain, which is in the development phase, and already rocks as a project. The project is going to bring real re newable energy solutions on the market. Developers want to create a program which is most likely to help reduce energy bills, will put control back on user hands and reduce carbon emission through multifaceted blockchain ecosystem.
Serenity souce will focus on renewable energy sentor combijed with the power of the block chain the company will aim to revolutionize the energy generation, monetization of carbon credits ,developing Net zero estates and expand globally by affiliate licensing.usig blockchain to encourage and facilitate Eco-friendly Initiatives, Serenity will promote sustainable living . it will focus on renewable energy production and transactive energy grid retails services. It will totally change the view of people taking challenges associated with a shift towards sustainable renewable energy and it’s products.

Serenity source is setting an example that how Blockchain can support high technology giving a chance to use it in daily life. Further, I want to mention that Project developers will create their own solar farms which will be a source to give renewable energy to people.

At the end of this paper, I would like to present a few ideas, or you can say technology solutions, which can be implemented in the blockchain world, supported by cryptocurrencies. For example, if we take the energy market, NASA and European Cosmic Agency are making their preparations to start using Hel 3, which is mostly found on the Moon to produce energy. In crude terms, we have nearly 352.74 ounces only on Earth, where we can find million tons of it on the Moon, which means more than 1000 times more energy than overall fossil sources. Thus, for example, a 3 helium excavator from the lunar regolith is a worth investment project. Other technical solutions which need support to proceed for example trains driving in vacuum tunnels, where the extracted air eliminates the problem of friction. Such a train combined with magnitude technology could have achieved 4023km/h speed. This technology is real and is within human competence. That’s an interesting project, which requires consideration and determinate approach – People like Elon Musk can realize the importance of mentioned technology.

Decentralized cryptocurrency has a chance to resist giant’s politics and to obtain unbounded opportunities if we talk about establishing our own products on the market. In recent times, it is said.Maybe blockchain creators will address all these technologies and all these world innovations, and will bring something more than just classic values defined above, and will add something more real and useful, a cure to humanity’s actual problems.

This is the way I dream about crypto currency’s world in the near future.