Future in remote working?

It is not always the case. The company I work for does consulting and outsourcing services, lets employees work remotely after the 1st year of being in one of the offices; mainly for cultural onboarding.

I reckon that tech services companies have more room to implement remote work than others.

Update (shameless plug):
The article is now live in HackerNoon :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit late to the party – I’ve been so focused on product for the last month or so – but I had to reply. @arthur.tkachenko you are correct (sorry, I’m not David, but I had to reply) – HN is 100% remote! I’ve found I’m extremely productive when I’m remote, but to play devil’s advocate, working in person these past two weeks together was incredible as well. We ended up having a quick product meeting every morning, to decide the most important thing to work on right that minute. Of course, after the 3 day weekend is up we’re going to continue that practice, but my point is: working in-person does have its advantages. That said, I’d never take another job where I had to physically be there, ever again, unless I absolutely had to. Remote work just has so many benefits:

  • Cheaper for the company
  • Cheaper for the person doing the work, as they can live anywhere
  • Opportunities to travel often, as you can work from anywhere
  • Fewer distractions
  • Harder to bother someone via Slack, than it is to interrupt someone in person (critically important for software engineers)
  • Forces you to improve your communication skills, something too many developers ignore outright (at their peril)
  • Easier to go to doctor appointments, DMV, or whatever you need to do during the day
  • Lends itself to more flexible schedules

And this is just off the top of my head. What are the other benefits of working remotely?



Instead of remote work

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Great idea! We recently started doing it too with 2.0 launch coming up. Async or video chat, it’s important to communicate everyday when you are remote.

most new tech workers will expect to work remote. Modern AI SAAS tools like MSB.ai Guru allow many differnt engineers to colaborate on a project.

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some new articles about this topic:



I just find this 2 articles:

I didn’t think about it from this angle:


Hey @arthur.tkachenko, great article idea. You could go really deep with this one - there are so many fascinating angles to the remote working debate.

My two cents: I first started working remotely 18 months ago, following a relatively huge acquisition event at my old company. Having lived and breathed that team at that office for four years of blood, sweat and tears (quite literally); I was completely burned out and desperate for a break.

So for me, the benefits of remote work for both company and contractor are undeniable because consulting remotely saved my sanity - to begin with. But: about six months in, I realised that - while I was getting pretty good at surfing - I hadn’t been getting good at being a remote team mate.

Because successful remote working demands that you develop a whole new set of skills, especially if you’re in any form of leadership role, or startup, or “turnaround” situation.

I think Scott Hoover sums it up really well in this article: https://hackernoon.com/9-keys-to-remote-freelancing-c060727fda40

Freelancing requires two skills that are almost as important as being [extremely] competent in your trade. One is marketing and the other is project management. …Take your communication skills up several levels. This key is a close cousin to project management, but is big enough to be its own point. A good freelancer must be an exceptional communicator.

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Hey @arthur.tkachenko!

Thanks for this thread! I’m really looking forward reading your article!

Should you consider addressing the angle of tools that support and empower remote team, let me know.

I’d be thrilled to present you Achieved. :slight_smile:

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I read some articles at HN about tools that support work of “remoters” @growth

It’s a great suggestion to put some sort of collection - that save time for people without offices :slight_smile:
Like Trello, GitHub, Slack, Zoom, AirTable, Gmail, etc

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most productive remote teams announced today


It’s because part of the team located in Ukraine @David :slight_smile:



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