Fun 404 Page - Code Pong


Still trying to figure out how to embed codepens… :thinking:


Very cool!

It is minimalist.

And very unique; compared to others (they make use of GIFs, images and stickers).

Good work!


This is awesome! I wonder if we could turn this into one of those escape room games…


Wow love it!

Need to get this going on my nginx proxies lol

And as for embedding- surely copy and paste the HTML embed code? :slight_smile:


Isn’t there this one mobile game where you hack your way through a network?


Are you thinking of Hacker’s Quest? I had that on iOS and enjoyed it- there’s also Hacker Evolution or something available on Steam that I have played.

The above were more text-based but I have also played (and am now downloading again lol) Hackers - Join the Cyberwar! which is more graphical. All good choices though :slight_smile:

If you happen to be thinking of a different one then oo a new one for me to play lmao


It might be Hackers Quest. I think I played that on my phone. Have to play it again. I remember that it was fun…


would be really cool to work your way towards a story you’d like to read.


Hackers (by Trickster Arts) ?


You have to use the iframe embed option on Codepen, not the HTML option. It’s kind of confusing. Let me know if you need a hand. Awesome work by the way! I love the theme. :grin:

Our 404 page should absolutely be a text adventure. I’d be more than happy to write something, at some point. Not now, but soon. :wink:

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I was about to comment “There should be a way to return to the stories page. With a button or something” But this idea is wayyy better! It would be awesome to have hints to hack your way back to the stories page.

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