From Zero to Manic

From Zero to Manic

I am 36 years old and have long felt disconnected from the world. Not so much the natural world — that I’ve been lovingly drawn to and constantly in awe of as far back as I can remember.

Hi Ryan,

I came to this page after reading your single vs multi-tenant SAAS article. The tech article definitely helped, so Thank you! But I am genuinely moved by your personal story. I personally went through a lot of struggle in life, some misfortunes, some my own making as a consequence of unconscious naivety/greed/jealousy. I just wanted to share with you a program that I have done and helped me out of many troubled situations in life and kept me stable and joyful: A program called “Inner Engineering”. See a video of what it is here:

Do not think this is an advertisement or something, the program has transformed me in many ways that I have never imagined possible and I am just sharing it so that you can make use of it.