Frobbie Project: Login Issue with HackerNoon

Login Issue. Why am I automatically unable to login? Password and email is correct. Only the IP address is different.

What is this? your frobbie project? Yes, this forum is crap. 2 confirmations for this data point.

frobbie - frob +

Where’s the admin? The guy that controls interaction limits, smart alec.

Enable spoilers.
And get your act together. No one wants or likes to deal with your problems. why would I trust that to be any faster? Or anyone trust that, same rules for all crappy sites.

How things are going @ret394 ?
Don’t be upset with us, please. We trying our best. Can you give a bit more details?

Not nice. To be extremely polite.

What changes did you make by the way?

None, I guess. Why do I waste my time ? :woman_facepalming:

I would advies you to revisit this post ->

Let me know when you’re ready.

It’s pretty boring.

Wow! I cannot even create a new post. 2 links is the limit.

Thanks spammers stick to Facebook, please. It’s built for that platform, ask any normal person.

Try this -

Ah! So you use SSO. That’s another minus point. Pain point.

Looks like you very upset with us. I don’t think I can help with that :slight_smile:

yep, it’s boring article - you not wrong. again. If you want help - you’ll need to provide some details.

u Bookmarked this issue? Very clever, I will give you credit for that.

“it’s boring article” not like wrong? I guess you have a long way to go. Should take you 5 lifetimes at minimum if I give you a word to guide you.

Anyways, this may clear it up - How would you like me to

Also since you unlisted this thread, you are the owner of the HackerNoon I assume. And you built it from scratch right?

Then I’m out of here. The niceties are done.

please don’t go