Free illustrations

My team is starting to create illustrations to be given away for free. If you need them, feel free to suggest what topics you are looking at. Here are some samples we’ve done:


These are amazing!

Why not creating a website and putting them on it?

You will get recognition, and also you can monetize easily (you can also tell them to hire you for customized ones).

Hey @malik, thanks for your support and kind words! :slight_smile: Appreciate your great idea, I will do as you’ve suggested and update here.

Feel free to shoutout if there’s any type of illustration or topic you are looking for, my team is happy to create.

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Hey guys and @malik, my team has some illustrations up and we have yet to get the SVG and PNG files ready. Meanwhile, here’s the website you guys can get free illustrations and updates from: Free Illustrations

Feel free to let me know if there are any specific topics you prefer the illustrations to be about. Happy to help! :fire::cloud_with_lightning::+1:

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I am very happy you did was I suggested!

Great work! I checked it.

Good luck!

I saw how the design team promoted company work with free illustrations.

I was able to use those images at my site and was very happy with the result. They were created in the same style you have one.
I think you can pick the same way and get some attention to your work.
They published stuff at ProductHunt and I think also created a repository on github where keep those free images. tell me if you need more info