[formatting issue] tag on submitted article title

Hi @arthur.tkachenko,

https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/rpbvywjMfWipFMRerTYh is my first article in Hackernoon. I noticed that [formatting issue] tag is put on my article title but I didn’t receive either of

  1. STOP EVERYTHING: You just got published on Hacker Noon!; or
  2. Feedback: Your Latest Hacker Noon Submission emails.

I have formatted few places I noticed. Can I know what will be the process to be taken next. I couldn’t find instructions to follow in such situation.
Will you review the modified version of my article?
Will you publish this article?

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @anuradhak, story is cool, but it still require some edits.

you put a lot of links to github files and it will be hard for our readers to follow your story, without opening those files. can you replace github links with code embeds, for example?

Hi @arthur.tkachenko,

Thanks for the reply. I removed all GitHub links and embed the relevant code snippets in the story. Can you please review the modified version of the story (https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/rpbvywjMfWipFMRerTYh) and take steps to publish.

Thanks in advance,

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cool - not it looks awesome! will be published and appear on homepage tomorrow. will be waiting for your next stories. the more story you publish - the easiest it get for us to notice it

Wow… happy to hear that good news. Sure I’ll come up with a new story soon.

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