$$$ for writing?

I’m interested in writing for company,
Specialize in writing 100% free plagarism free content, SEO ready…

I’m a Tech Writer & have written for HackerNoon, Flexiple & GigIndia.

Connect with me on https://akashj.pw :grin:

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I do copywriting and sales copy for landing pages including sales funnels. Can provide a link to my profile on a 3rd party platform.

I’m interested. I like to write JavaScript tutorials, are you still looking for writers?

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Maybe we can vote or fill some survey in order to move it forward - Money or Passion?

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I am a research and writer interested in writing about new technologies, especially those that have the potential to transform society. You can find my writing here: https://medium.com/@minadown

Hey guys I’m Kevin.
Currently I work as a UX designer. Building a Blockchain based game.
I have freelanced as a writer for a few years, I still love writing.
I cover a wide range of topics like
Tech, Crypto, Gaming, Automotive, Health, Environment,& Travel.
Check out my medium.

Hello everyone,

I am a SaaS copywriter. I regularly write for companies like Foundr and AppSumo. I’m happy to help other SaaS teams looking for writers.

You can learn more about me here: Lewis Commercial Writing.

I believe that crypto and AI will make our life better, therefore I usually write stories about that niches.

Always looking for interview sources.


Interested in writing on blockchain, cryptocurrency, machine learning, deep learning, and AI. Been writing at medium on topics related to deep learning.

My handle: mywaymywei

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