$$$ for writing?


:wave: Hacker Noon fans!

We have a lot of requests on a regular basis from companies to copy-write for them that the internal Hacker Noon team can’t afford the time to do.

I want to start this thread as a low-key informal “marketplace” for companies who want to hire writers and Hacker Noon writers who want to write for companies for some extra $$$. Reply to this thread if you either need to hire someone or want to write - and let’s connect! :slight_smile:

Money or Passion?

interested, but have questions. will update this post later with my questions.


Hi there - I write for quite a few technology companies, many of which are published on HN. Would love to connect with them. kathrynkosmides@gmail.com

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I’d be interested in writing technology articles as well, and would love to connect with companies! My email is nebrelbug [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Interested. Experienced in writing for tech companies. Contact - vachhaniparin [at] gmail [dot] com

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We at WTFBit Media, give a human touch to technical writing.

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Interested in writing on new technologies like machine learning, deep learning and AI. Been writing at medium on topics related to deep learning. You can find all of my blogs here.

Contact - ch.niranjan2@gmail.com


damn, I’m most unexperienced here :frowning:
My questions:

  • What topics will be? I understand that it will be about technology.
    I have an opinion about everything. But what I know: management, recruiting, teaching, coding, running, space, outsourcing, outsourcing in Ukraine, food tech, how to fail my company, how to build a startup with $0. (nothing at senior level)

  • is this any difference between writing for myself or for a client?

  • who will judge a result? and how?

  • any additional data about workflow?

  • payments are not very important in my case, but maybe it should be discussed here…

  • is it time sensitive?
    Because sometimes you don’t have a passion and just need to wait sometime

  • what are “the rules”

  • can you show a few examples?

And I don’t include my email not because i’m scared and gmail [dot or . ] [domain of gmail].
I just don’t want to compete. i came here from freelancing world and i’m pretty tired of that “process”, so please consider me as a last option because i’m not part of the “freelancing game”(but yeah, i’m pretty cheap for my experience).
So if someone spend time, research me, find me useful - please buzz me. And for sure, I would rather get some money from posting with freedom my own articles(I know team aware about it) at HN - than have a clients.

Money or Passion?

I am in. I love to write on tech topics that can interest entrepreneurs / programmers.

my articles are here - some of them also on hackernoon:



My brief publication history can be found at www.joshuad31.com
To sum it up I write about blockchain applications for a non-technical audience. I avoid talking about the nuts and bolts and distill down to the essence of what the technology can actually do to produce a consumer application.

Any serious offers for work should be made via LinkedIn although people can try to contact me via email. I usually don’t respond to email requests unless I know that person.



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I write about UX, Frontend and everything inbetween. I write for various startups and publications. Would love to hear about interesting opportunities,
This is my Medium: https://medium.com/@yonatandoron/
And on Twitter via DM - @jodoron

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Wow, glad for the opportunity. let me know how we can start?
Contact salan.khalkho@hotmail.com


İnterested for the offer. I previously have written technical stories before. https://medium.com/@kemalkaratas you can see the latest. You can contact me from kemalkaratas@protonmail.com.

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Wow I’ve waiting for the opportunity
I currently write for many publications
and for many client checkouts my profile

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Good you mentioned these. I also would like to stay in touch as we rely on a distributed team of writers. Our UA project is “Що біткоїться”


I write for quite a few Crypto companies, on Bounty0x many of which are published on Coinscribble, Minds, LinkedIn, Publish0x. I would love to connect with them. [fazialiwrite2009@live.com]
[fazimoonsamad@gmail.com ]
Latest crypto new from around the world http://[lastestmoneynews.blogspot.com]


Googling it. hope you have an english version as well


Good evening

How can I make £150 daily?

Kind regards.


  1. Write great content.
  2. Make awesome products.
  3. Or, sell your soul and work for a quant/investment firm/[insert other dodgy business here].

Seriously, there’s no easy money to be made, and if there is, it’s illegal already or super dodgy. If you want to be making good money, you need to do numbers 1 and 2, and above all, be patient. :slight_smile: Rome wasn’t built in a day, yeah? Neither will your fortune.

Start here. Start today. Start posting quality stuff on the forum, thoughtful, thought-provoking posts. Write on Hacker Noon, and in 2.0, you’ll be able to put a call-to-action button on your profile that drives traffic to your portfolio or whatever you want to drive traffic to. Build a following. Write about any and all of your experiences and put unobtrusive ads on the blog. Build stuff people want. Don’t spend more than you make. It takes hard work, perseverance, and a whole lot of falling down and picking yourself up again, but if you truly believe you can do it and put your mind to it, it can be yours. It also takes a bit of luck, hence the “falling and picking yourself up” part. Not everything will work out. But when it does…it’s stupendous. Ultimately:

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!

– Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

I know that isn’t the answer you wanted, but it’s the answer you need. Trust me – I chased easy fortune in my younger days and it just doesn’t work out. Hard work is what works. If you take this path, and need any help, feel free to DM me and I can give you my email. Always happy to help! :grin:


yes, i’m also fan of follow your soul. @mohamedbettiouirafik

if we go into some specific - you asked question in the thread, related to promotional content marketing. As you see - here a lot of people right now. So what you can do? First you need to show something. like most of posters here - they have some articles published before.

Do you have one? if yes - cool. But quiality/quantity is matters too.
You know about “ass-hours” (in order to master something - you need to spend a lot of hours doing it)? So in order to build your profile - you need to write articles. Start with something quick and simple for you. About what you care or about your experience. Anyone have a cool story to tell. What story you like to tell to your friends - share it with Hackernoon community. it’s a great place - trust me.

Ok, profile is important. You see - Austin put his face on avatar. I put some stranger(he is a singer). Why face is better? Because my avatar can scare someone - potential client… You don’t have a picture and this don’t give you points in this game

about numbers - i wrote about 80 articles - they bad, but this is work in progress. what is your numbers? tell us.

next thing - here a lot of people that ready to get a job. how you can beat them? try to outstand from the crowd. Check my post at the top of the thread. and compare it with post of others. I put more effort in order to show myself.
This is just a skill that i master - selling me and my team at overcrowded places like Elance/Upwork. If I was able to do it - you 100% can do it too.
Good luck! Feel free and ask more details.

Also, more about profile i share at this article: https://artplusmarketing.com/advice-to-a-future-freelance-designer-design-studio-owner-pt-1-ab32fe43303c

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