"Food Alliance" project diary


Hey @arthur.tkachenko where can people demo Food Alliance?

It’s a great question @David As I conflicted with my user research - I’m jumping between a few things at the same time actually.
My current agenda is:

  • launch awesome-dev-stuff is a project that mostly done and contains a lot of HN articles, separated by topics that I like and I’m exploring right now.
  • launch a static food data website, where I post just JSON databases with food-related data that I collected.
  • launch Food Alliance as a small simple website with data from this thread.

Actually, I remember your advice from post #4 at this thread and I have a few GitHub repositories with a collection of food projects that should be shared.
But I was stuck with moving them forward. I collected all that data during the last few years, and still eating dust with it. So it requires some mental power to open that collection and move them forward. But you know, small steps forward… I think 3 weeks ago I move a lot of data about food forums.
Maybe it will get some attention as well.

and we continue to work with my teammates for backend stuff. For example, we made a great bound with @ashley.e.cribb and trying to move our code forward together.

I also paused “playing” with React frontend for now and focusing on my backend only. Because at that backend part we made more progress so far and I think it might be our first source of revenue/attention. Because doing everything is hard with my current resources/state of mind

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small sad story. Actually have few inspiring stories, but will publish them later.

ok, so @whizzoe make me sad.

You know why? yeah, she know me and I was not able to participate on this kind of workshop. not sure why i’m sad, but it’s hard to understand…


Cool talk about food sharing


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@ashley.e.cribb looks like a similar project - https://www.indiehackers.com/product/diabetic-me

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FInally they did it. A thing that will convert your boring menu on website into a ordering system. https://www.wix.com/app-market/wix-restaurants-orders/overview