"Food Alliance" project diary

I agree on chefling … though they are talking about smart appliances the major tools for that … front end and back end are correct … we can also look at Whisk https://whisk.com/ … they have built pretty much everything but we have to look at the business model.

One of the items I am thinking is to redo the food algorithm to our needs … so we need to port it to JavaScript or keep it in R and tweak it … but I do like the format of it just that we don’t need all of the items she used for ours … though I recently learned that in a diabetic educators world if you are a man or a woman it makes a difference

Search model.

Elasti search with the database … with auto complete and a mechanism to say whether it’s a recipe or premade food or a restaurant. Usually by a check box etc.

Will be a main function of the UI on the front.

I didn’t implement ElasticSearch before. So I would think that this is a complex functionality for MVP. But if you have time - you can do it on your own - i think our datasets will be enough for start for it. I’ll be happy to have it as you mentioned.


We don’t have to of course … the issue I was trying to address was speed … usually search can take seconds longer than a person using the tool afford and will uninstall it. Just thoughts of course

i like an idea to have a separated search instance with a great index(good speed).

i just didn’t work on it before. so if you want it to have right now - try in yourself and show me what you’ll have. it can be a good part of functioanlty for each project that we’re talking here

Alrighty I’ll make a database and then run the tutorial so we can index it unless we can do that with a GitHub API so we can index some records … also will be starting to work on the front end with figma … please send me a link to the template for invision so I can port it and then work on the screens / functionality

use one of our datasets from https://github.com/GroceriStar/sd/tree/master/generator/projects/USFA

Please do, but frontend is a big topic(huuge). So i think we should discuss details before doing something. So if i can vote - for me elastic search is more important thing than a frontend. especially while i still don’t finish alpha documentation for your project

tell me more about what you want to accomplish with Figma and why you think it’s necessary to create it from scratch. also frontend for what type of “entity” you want to do. Web app, application, etc…

I think you mean this UI toolkit: https://www.invisionapp.com/inside-design/design-resources/scratch-recipe-ui-kit/

Ok when I was talking with a mentor of mine a week ago he suggested to do the front end so that it can help you to know the functionality I was envisioning …

That’s fine I can work on the search functionality. I’ll basically download the database and then put it on AWS and then whip up a elastic search model so that we can start indexing it …

Just was going to do a low fidelity wireframe because the solution we are talking about just isn’t for recipes … so I thought it would help us … so your vote is duly noted … hopefully we can have a kubernetes node so that we can index our food projects

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Maybe you should show this forum to your mentor? just an idea - i think wecan get a great feedback. I understand the reason of doing frontend.

But if I understand you right - you’ll redo it few times later. From developers perspective - i always tend to have everything document before starting. It’s like a workflow that can save me in bad situations.

ok, curious to see/try your search.

low fidelity wireframe - if you can convert your flow chart that you shared, into

  • then it’s a great idea. but again - i’m sure that it will be changed few times at least. Just based on my experience

kubernetes node is another huuge topic. But "Food Alliance" project diary post it’s a step into this field

nice article: https://sites.google.com/view/sourcesismeathealthy/

Uber is coming: https://angel.co/alpha/stories/uber-will-deliver-food-via-drone-to-san-diego-residents-in-summer-2019-1980

Here is some food for thought …

Just looked at elastic search … the app version you have 14 day trial LOL I’ll have to look into the open source version. We will see thought I did learn that it is a no SQL database in it’s own right and you don’t have to provide schema … just puts and gets into the database for Crud.


NO CODE movement can be actually useful thing for this network as well. It can help to understand how people can do things with small amount of knowledge using free stuff that around.

Like creating homepage without developer by using some LP creators.
Promote your project/startup at ProductHunt Ship for small amount of cash.
Create Logo by using tool like tailorBrands. Create a simple things like cards, flyers at Canva.com
Create a video/slides with https://slidebean.com/

Just researching an airtable and find a few usefult templates there:

Slite is also a cool thing: https://slite.com/templates, example: https://slite.com/templates/engineering-teams

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Today is actually the 70th day(last day) of challenge that I decided to run. Actually, it was a big time from my previous challenges, because I failed them a lot.
I miss about 5 days, but as I’ll continue to post here, I don’t think that it’s important.

I like the result that was made here. For sure, I expected more hype around it, but maybe it will require more time.
I collected important feedback, was rejected a few times, so the result is OK

As I see some demand, related to backend from other people, that we talked here - I’m switching my focus to that side. I paused work on frontend pages/components that we developing and working on our modules that operating with data only.

I also decided to split my modules into more smaller parts and maybe later I’ll learn how to create microservices from that code.

I started to explore more advanced ways to set up “robots” scripts that can help us with CI/CD. we use it before, but it can be improved and will save us additional time that my interns spend, battling with bugs that they create.

I still didn’t move all of my notes to this thread. Will post them in the future. Working on public help me to remove my shy and focus on delivering. I’ll use content from this thread and create articles, that I’ll publish at Hackernoon. It should give some more exposure.

I was accepted to YC startup school and will move this project forward with their tasks. It starts at Jule 22, so more information will post here as well.
I was told that I’m stupid for missing previous wave and coding it for 2 years without any public attention. So hope it’ll really move forward

My next goals:

  • finish with my current small code tasks.
  • launch a website at ProductHunt, related to food static data(maybe we can do more, but this part is moving slow, so it’s better not be overexcited for me)
  • Chat with PieShell and try to convince them to get me on board.
  • Chat with Chobani Incubator(they are local and more about physical food support)
  • Contact OpenFood from Switzerland
  • Improve/Extend our profile at AngelList, explore if we can be accepted to some of AL syndicates
  • Publish more about this thread at 10-20 FB groups. I got some new connections there. 0 magic, but it started a few conversations with other wannabeentrepreneurs
  • Contact OpenCollective founder and understand what we should do. Maybe our code can be a good case for them. It also will give us a channel to accept some cash for our OSS code.

I meet a founder from Malaysia, his company creating smart fridges. Maybe it will be a cool collaboration in the future. He also advises me to explore more “nutritional” side of food tech.

So I think I should wrap/pack our code and contact ~1400 nutritionists + doctors and try to use my feedback form for some help from professionals. I spend on those questions around 2 weeks, so it’s smart to finish that research

As this thread is hard to follow for new people, I was thinking about creating a channel at some chats app and re-organize data there.

Thanks for reading! means a lot for me


New food is coming

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even medium are doing food :slight_smile:

Ok, YCombinator Startup School will start in 2 weeks, but I have some nice result now - they give me an access to companies that doing a similar things. So I can contact them for future collaboration. Fuh! Hope it’ll get some additional connections that will convert into results.

Fun fact. This was one of the first OSS repositories related to recipes that i checked 5-6 years ago.
it’s on php, but maybe there can be an easy way to transpile it to JS. I’m sure with JS version it will have much more attention. Maybe i should try to do it. maybe i should apply my ultra-modular approach in order to lover the bar for other contributors. sharing it here and we’ll think about it in future.

I think it will be necessary to create a similar article to this: https://blog.bitsrc.io/what-to-consider-when-building-the-backend-for-a-location-based-service-e65eef92ffeb

Sure, they are using it in order to promote their outsourcing company - i’m sure they did a few similar projects before as well.

So we’re in the same position, but with different intentions.

I have an article with same purpose, but i did it in my first months when i start to write on English publicly, so that article is not good for reading by normal people.

When i’ll have more time - i’ll redo an old one - maybe split it into a few articles - separated coding part with a business part. It will be great if before publishing a new version - we’ll be able to release something backend-ish that can showcase our product a bit.

More new food-articles:




pleasure to be nominated


I should collect as much “startupee” fb groups as I can later and post there about FA

I find a crazy Forum: