"Food Alliance" project diary

Check your Gmail just might have something to that effect

just dumping here set of links that i partially forget [no logic, not formatted]

Wow! Wow! wow! and we only started to put things here. curious to see what will be next. Can we have that doc here?

Well I did pay for that so I kind of didn’t want it for the public … though I am ready to do another to ask a few specific questions that builds on that one … the most important thing that came out of it is most people who are diabetic do not plan … they take on average 22 minutes to create a grocery list.

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And if it is built they would pay 1 to 2 a month to use it … .now this is a small sample size … but it is a validation.

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I understand. That data is nice and give me visual undersanding as your flowchart. it will take some of my time to proceed it and include to my brain. I’ll prepare long document where discuss different points. what i can see now - dataset and backend is most important things. if we’ll use some of my code - it can be elegantly done. but it’ll require time.

traveling right now, so maybe will use that time for research of your links.


Take a look at this for backend storage examples. Could be something we can use.

https://github.com/Kinto is the project on Github. Since you would like to create different modules I thought that this would be a good way to keep the Json recipes and store them. :smile:

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Hmmm, might be interesting to take each of these projects and contact the team members to see if they would be interested in collaborating. But, it seems that a lot of the ideas that we both have come up with are in these projects that you have listed.


https://digimeals.co/ their recipes open data supplied the lastest hackathon.

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I’m on it. Modular approach is not my choice by definition. it’s just life, that changing my directions depending on my views/wishes. And observations around. Today i started a conversation about our next steps with one of my team members. posting it there too.

About that projects from OpenFood. I was thinking about it. But I hate to write people first. I did it so much times with really low conversion. This is why I decide to go fully open, sharing a lot of data, etc. Because it works better. I actually contacted one of directors of that non-profit. They busy right now and I’ll talk with their org in a few weeks.

I also want to contact OpenCollective, in order to explore a way of monetization of modules.

And I want to recontact with Chobani and PieShell. Both companies was very friendly with me so maybe at this time they will decide to go with us forward.

My main goal with OpenFood specifications was to share them here and maybe we’ll be able to use some content. Just for speed up and inspiration. as you can see by URL - they have more details. But this is a winners only.

https://hack.opendata.ch/event/21#top was where I saw about the latest hackathon. There were some chatbot platforms for their “ideas” as well. Though the issue is that most are separate so the idea was to make it a standard through all of the platforms so it didn’t matter which platform you used from Amazon to Google to Microsoft. Anyway that was a good find.

about year ago i was exploring bots ecosystem. It evolved from that time at 2 generations, but yeah - there a lot of rooms with bots/assistants at the market.
in order to confirm my words:

again - if we’ll move into assistants direction - i’ll advice to start with Alexa and try to collaborate with my Indian friends that win a few hackatons baked by Amazon. They can be a great part of this alliance

hey the more of the collaboration the better.


this is an interesting company.

and this I found as well.


Look at this. Pretty cool

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Sounds interesting as well. So, this Stephan Keller from Zug would allow a startup their food data so that we could build a universal food platform.

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One of the projects that already has an “app” on github

Youtube video for one of the projects you highlighted earlier. Looks pretty promising. I am thinking of applying for an SBIR which is a federal grant so that we can build an app for nutritionists and consumers that is HIPPA compliant and incorporates multiple behavioral strategies to help both the patient and the doctor or Certified Diabetic Educator in this case it was a nutritionist in the video.

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This looks like a really interesting community! Are we all working on the same project or working together to further each other’s projects?

I’m not sure I’m in the right place here. I’m trying to start a food tech company but I’m not a coder and I don’t think what I am doing is worth anything to this group. However I am willing to help out in other areas (recipe development, product scouting, etc)

Allison welcome … we are all here to do the same. What is your project?

My project is a recipe search website focused towards individuals and families with restrictive food allergies. The way I’ve designed it, users will be able to set an allergy profile telling the website what they’re allergic to and the website will make sure that all search results and recipe suggestions they give to the user will not contain any of the things they are allergic to.

I’ve had some good preliminary feedback, and right now I’m finishing up with the database and learning how to get a database access layer in place.

What is everyone else working on?


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Well diabetics have to think about food constantly quite like someone who has allergies. So why not devise a system where people who have diabetes doesn’t have to. Quite honestly after we tackled that and done it well we were going to work on adding allergies to the system …

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