"Food Alliance" project diary

I want to document what I plan to do in order to launch this project. It’ll be a long thread. it will look like dairy. Maybe someone will be interested to read/interact with me here. I want to master discipline and write frequently, later I can use this text and publish it as articles on HackerNoon.

Maybe, by using open-minded people at this forum, it’ll be able to grow quickly, find a partner/associates… In my opinion, doing this here will bring me some undiscoverable benefits, that I was not able to get before

For Food Alliance I plan to spend at least 1 hour each day, during 70 days period.

Intro: “Food Alliance”. The main goal is to create a network of food tech startups, that can work together.
The aim is: hide my weak spots(i.e. lack of resources) and pack my current knowledge into |fancy box".

It’s not a solid project. It will contain different things, with main tags like “food”, “recipes”, “meal planning”
Concept: I have a lot of information, that can be useful for other people. I’m moving forward very slowly, so this project can help me to archive my goals quicker. Before I was going from door to door to food tech startups. I offer a collaboration, but nobody care. So i decided to focus on something more productive.

  1. The big question here is how to attract other people projects inside? if before it was not working - why it will work now?
    a) from the beginning I was selling myself as “monkey developer” from Ukraine that has some experience.
    b) later I proposed a collaboration, but I don’t have anything to show
    c) right now I’m not selling anything myself and don’t promise golden rivers.

I want to share and inspire people with my idea, but results from my side are necessary, no doubts.
I also still not sure if the market really needs it. I don’t see a lot of demand right now. But I think I don’t care. Maybe previous versions of this project were not clear. So FA it’s just another pivot of my concept. So it’s an adjustment with a real-world situation. Maybe a lot of things will change when we deploy a few of our modules. It definitely will increase optimism and changes.

The first project, module, that can be released under FA - it will be a website + npm lib, that will share some basic food structures with a dummy data inside. It’s like a faker, for food. Then I want to release a “showcase” project/template. It’s a basic cards-like website, that will be connected to our library and display that data in a pretty way.
All will be open-sourced, so it can help us to gain more views and Respect

Then I want to publish recipe-API(RAPI) or fake-API server. both are not-finished. More promise is for RAPI, but as I plan to replace it soon with a graphQl server - 0 motivation to do it. Fake-API instead can be a standalone project, I saw similar projects before- they have their users.

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Love this idea @arthur.tkachenko!

Recently published this by Alex on hackernoon.com, in support of your goal to write frequently:


I would consider starting with the business profile pages for as many food tech startups as possible. With a page that validates/classifies/defines/markets the food tech startup, the food tech startups will want to work with you. They could claim their page, improve the information, and share it with their audience. Unsure where the best directory for food tech startups is, but if you had a solid directory of food tech startups,you already have a valuable site and can work towards empowering them to collaborate. Just my two cents.


This is my paper notes, related to food tech that i collected in last year. Need to convert them into digital version


3. just want to increase number of posts here, so it’ll be short.

Here is some repositories, that i find time to create and put some links together. Not a perfect thing, but later i can convert those Readme`s into some simple websites, published on Github Pages, so i don’t need worry about hosting stuff

  1. https://github.com/GroceriStar/awesome-shopping-list-apps
  2. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-food-measurements-information
  3. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-food-db-strucutures
  4. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-launch-on-producthunt-guides
  5. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-food-tech-projects
  6. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-recipe-app-templates
  7. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-recipe-websites
  8. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-food-open-source
  9. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-food-collection-machine-learning
  10. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-recipe-apis

I’m pretty sure that i have at least another 10s next repositories with data. but i need to find it in my cloud services.


4 Who can be interested? Or why

People inside at alliance can collaborate, share basic knowledge, etc.

  • designers can design (I think I have a collection of dribbble designs, related to food websites)
  • startups can share their services
  • developers can share code or collaborate together. or can sell small stuff that they building
  • coins can be used for paying developers. Like OpenCollective or GitCoin for supporting free tools.

Maybe we need to have a forum too. with separated places for discussing different problems/things. Make it open or closed? Not sure. Coding school can be a cool part of it too. Because my interns are coding food modules. So they actually learning about food.

  • mechanics can collaborate with coders, making hardware and software together.
  • documentation, related to basic knowledge, with FAQs, etc.
  • the codebase can be used together too

Should this knowledgebase be free or we need to have some sort of private club with recurring subscription/donations?

  • recipe creators can create food and share it, sell, etc.
  • food photographers/video makers can be useful here too

It may help with crowdfunding. Or food incubators can see profiles of those startups and get a better understanding of what tool is cool.
Maybe some big companies can eat small companies, or people cross-invest money in small companies, or exchange their stocks. Maybe teams can share their developers for building some opensource tools or move them between companies.
Maybe we can have a deals page.

we can have a job board with people, related to food tech background. Or other lists of links…
Testers can write tests, as libraries
Markupers can write blocks/pages, that can be user/purchased/changed.

Open-source section at our website with listing of projects/modules that are part of our alliance, that may be easily changed and used later.

Cash: “Deals section” => increase sign ups, make an additional money by having an intersections, etc.



One goal for FA is to reduce the costs of developing a website, related to “food tech”. Another idea is related to promoting small projects, foodies profiles.

One of the websites, that I was built with my help, went out from business in 2018.
it has a great software behind it(no joking, I mean it). Usually, I don’t like my code -> `cause it can be (there is) always a room for improvement. But that software still not sucks(after a few years).
But she doesn’t have skills in promoting it.
But that code is dead now. (!) because she is a chef.
Costs were high for her budget, she got a loan from the bank, and then decided to close it. And this situation makes me feel sad.

I don’t want to have similar stories in the future. And I have a will to try to change it.

I don’t want to think that it is my failure. I mean I was just a contractor.
, we did more than was expected of us. But I cannot leave it behind.

I still have an idea to meet someone, who will understand the quality of that software, and make her an offer and buy a full working project for 50-70 grand and raise it from the ashes.

Some details are here: https://medium.com/groceristar/history-behind-of-my-projects-bfa75217fd94

And this is a cool and fun article for food topic as well: https://artplusmarketing.com/why-nobody-will-use-my-product-startup-anti-vision-285e2cb0db1e



I have a list of small websites(https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-recipe-websites).

They usually owned by Moms, that have a passion for building/making meals for their family. But they are busy and quite often don’t have an MBA, sales skills or abilities to learn how to promote their business.

This is a place, where can be handy my other idea of building a simple website generator. Right now we have a lot of simple tools, that can be a good choice for beginners.

They are easy to use, populate content and it’s not a WordPress. I have a collection of food startups at AngelList, at ProductHunt and just a random 200-300 recipe blogs from Pinterest. And each of then can benefit from my experience.

This is actually Why I love communities so much. Example: around Nodejs are a lot of amazing people.
And it has a good ecosystem of modules, that really saving a lot of time. That is really pleasant for me -> because I don’t want to reinvent the wheel of creating another ‘login forms for ABC’.

Just another example: foodie goes designer and asks for a quote for the “custom” food website. or app. or something. It actually not a very custom at all. They are always pretty similar.

But as he/she asking a quote of creating from scratch with client wishes -> it has a really big price tag(by big I mean it’s an actual time, that designer will spend time, in order to wrap his head around the project and create it).
But on the web, we have TONS of designs about food. Like dashboards -> they are everywhere.
Like all people wanna have/create an Uber app for $3000 or insurance company website with calculator for $3000 as well :slight_smile:

I stored that links for myself, in order to analyze them. Is it can be a timesaver? yes. Money saver? yes again.

Note I’m not at rampage. I just dont have an internet whole month, so I wrote a lot of content by hand.



Let’s start with promoting a cool guitar player. she makes really heavy covers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buT0RmGW7Jo

Right now my team working with a few code repositories, related to food static data

The goal is to launch a project, an npm package, that will give foodies or developers access to some basic data, DB tables, and without spending time on architecting a huge and complex database, they can be able to grab that data go forward.

I have repositories, I have a list of articles, I have plans at Github issues and also some stack of papers with details. In the end, the first release will be published + website on Githhub and will have a separated docusaurus(documentation space).

By my plan, we need to post a very basic version(I call it “clean” data release). But later we’ll show all “dirty” data, that we are currently working on. It also has a minimalistic and clean code, so in my mind is to make it very easy to install and use. And as the code is simple - my interns with low coding skills are being able to contribute to it. We actually use those modules in our different projects. So it’s a bit cross-technology at the moment. RIght now we’re using it with: Nodejs+express server, React components, graphQL server, plain VanillaJs is available too. It’s not limited to JS only actually. Static files right now have JSON format, so people can grab it and use at their tech stack as well.

As I worked on Recipe-API some time ago(DB architecture + schemas, I find out that REST is good, but it has some disadvantages and with the rise of GrapgQL in last three years I’m switching our development to building a graphql server and I have a lot of data for it as well). Links for beginners as myself. https://github.com/ChickenKyiv/awesome-graphql-beginner-links

list of articles:


Major ways of making money for foodie blogs: personalized ads at the sidebar, giveaways/daily deals, promoted articles, affiliate purchases(like personalized Amazon from products/kitchen tools).

And selling cooking books.
The cooking book doesn’t cost a lot, and usually, girls, that publish recipes frequently -> can just grab similar recipes by some topic, or based on occasions aka holiday specials(“Christmas food for small budgets”, “SuperBowl sneaks for a big company”).

Each book has a price of around 5 bucks (online doc) and has a pretty similar content/layout.
About author page, intro page, the message from an author, list of recipes with notes from chef, TOC, outro.
And only some of the foodies know how it’s easy right now to create design/layout for the recipe book, or weekly menu or something similar, like flyers, etc.

Only content is a hard part. And as I’m aware of this thing, one of my ideas is related to helping them to publish their books. A lot of publishing DIY platforms are available right now.

Quick google search

Dran-d-drop builders are dominating right now and it can give you an ability to create a document, you can publish it and also have printed versions as well. You can get a discount, related to the number of books that you want to print at a paper.

Foodies also needed a separated landing page, with countdown, text with information about the book, book preview, maybe an advertising video, or crowdfunding/pre-order page. + cover image with food background and white/black title.

As you see, not rocket science or blockchain.

If we’re simplifying it to a really low level - recipe book can have this layout, food image on the right/left side, recipe content with fancy “girly” font + page numbers. And it’s done.

Document format is PDF, add price for some payment gateway and secure a file from unpurchased/expired downloading.

It will be cool to create an Import/Export tool, that can export recipe data and then automatically prepare pages with illustrations into a draft version of the book. And later client can drag-n-drop blocks as she wants. and use maybe draft.js for content editing

Canva is a good example of what I mean. 3 minutes only

Landing page builders - cheaper that developer and with good taste



One of my code projects is Groceristar.
It’s about working with grocery lists, we decided to create an OCR script, and it’s very hungry for data. Like a lot of data. I went to Pinterest and collected about 200 different grocery lists at least. Maybe we need to sort them and share with people as well. So anyone can benefit from it. It will be a cool time, when we will convert them in digital versions(There also a copyright problem - I don’t know how to credit owners properly and handle it right now)
I also have a set of articles, about this OCR script

and here we have our data for testing our script and maybe it should be shared after figure out a copyright issue mentioned above: https://github.com/GroceriStar/creative/tree/master/OCR



Diets are one of the biggest topics, that can /should be addressed. I have an interest in diets personally. I’m fat right now, so weight-loss is important for me. Last 5-6 years diets are on up streak(this is a time when I’m checking them)

And this is nothing a new here. “Diets” is a term that selling easily, then a “meal planning”.

When you try to convince a user to use a meal planning service -> get confused. Not everyone understands the reason why to use it. And pay for it. And here is a good place to use a static website generator as well. I send a message to a lot of nutritionists. Nobody understands me. Or what I want from them. One girl only was interested. It was a year ago. I create a specification for her project(all was free, just in sake of being helpful). She realized that this is a complex thing, and she is busy to deal with it. But! I have that specification, so when I’ll back to this idea -> I have data to start with.


11 Frontend pages.

One of the “problems” of websites with recipes is HTML/CSS/js are usually part of the whole project. it’s not separated entity. Usually, pages with recipes data are part of some designs/templates.
But blocks/elements are usually pretty similar.
So we’re doing it a bit differently. Doing from simple to complex structures. Them making very simple to the simple version. :slight_smile:

We created a few repositories, where we are crafting a new code/features/project style, by learning from big developers. Our task -> create a set of reusable components, based on React, that can be reusable and extendable. Or is like a quick foundation in order to create an MVP for starters.

We want to build a full layout as well, make it with flexboxes, adaptive to screens and make a set of major basic pages: react-recipe-pages/screens. So it will be like an admin dashboard templates. You can grab and use them. We started it a year ago, so this is a work in progress right now.

But I feel that my frontend skills are not perfect, but I understand the basic needs/requirements and tasks are actually very clear for me. I need to find someone who will help me, so we can start to push it and it can be done quickly.

At the beginning I decided to use Bootstrap, we installed a reactstrap library, but after some time this life forced me to migrate into more advanced antdesign: and right now this library is an important part of our coding process. #1 actually.


12. filtration/recipe search

One interesting question for me personally is filtration/search of recipes/meals. It may look, that task is not a very custom functionality. Search, from a database, is a very basic but complex work from database architect point of view - > nothing very new. But each time recipe search is building from scratch again and again. I think it’s stupid. or I hate it! I understand that there is ‘custom cases’, but most parts is the same. And we started to dig into this problem. We didn’t finish it, because of my busyness.

The main goal here is: give an ability for a user to reduce the number from recipes pool and make it very easy to use. I mean UX problem, for comfort search.
This is why diets making more hype -> there is a lot of restrictions and you don’t have a lot of options to choose. I think a good example of search is Yummly search => I think that restrictions working well for them.

For simplifying work on search, I created a fork of recipe-API, created a test data only with a few recipes. I created a separated place for that test data. so it’s like a to-do part of the tester.

Projects “groceristar-fetch” and “static-data” also moving this part forward. It will help with basic setup and getting data into the system. We didn’t work only at the backend but also building an advanced search form as a separated repository. We have a form, few pages at React, but it’s not finished also. But we’ll do it. With the migration from REST to graphQL we’ll be forced to update this module too. We were inspired by this repo about 1.5 years ago.


[not finished and not formatted post]

it’s actually part of links, that I shared before, but it can be a separated “entity” and can help to some food blog starters

Just an interesting and fresh article

Today received questions from an ML engineer, that interested to join our alliance.
one of the questions was about data, that collected from Europe and about nutrition values of food - because this is her main interest,
this is why I check my repositories and grab an actual data that she can grab and start to use right now.


and I was asked about diets/nutritional stuff, so here some inner links to it as well.

At this repository, I’m collecting some creative assets that we have.
For example, we have basic sitemaps for recipe/meal planning projects, different UI designs, etc.


I’m currently working on a meal planning service too since 2014 and I’ve noticed the same thing. I recently took another approach where I target a small niche and do all the stuff manually to understand my customers well before starting to code/build specs. Like you I have dozen repositories disseminated on GitHub, GitLab and so on :stuck_out_tongue: so when I’ll have enough feedback from my future customers it will be easier to start. Anyway from what I’ve learned yet, a market definitely exists for meal planning, but in my opinion, existing apps are not really living up to customers’ expectations.


I’m glad to see you here! We need to move forward quickly - so much time was gone


if few(5-10) millions is enough for you - then it’s exists :wink:


just a cool video about how food tech is moving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMOF0G_2H0A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIWu6WzZQQA

Cool news is

@yannfeunteun Can you list here your repositories, so I can take a look? I stalk at your github profile(more information later), but for sure - you can help me with it.