Feedback on new virtual car show platform

Hi there,

I’ve been working on a virtual car show platform where you can host either fully virtual events for car clubs and foundations, or host hybrid events where people still meet in person but showcase their vehicles in the online lobby as well.

The purely virtual events allow people to still enjoy their vehicles while most gatherings are cancelled right now by posting images and videos of their own drives and cars. A lot of organizations also try to raise money with these events so hosting them virtually allows them to still do that to some degree.

The hybrid events ideally will be able to still provide value in the future by allowing enthusiasts to search for car shows each weekend and see what’s around. The problem currently is that it’s actually not very easy to find good car meets near you that have cars and vintages you’re interested in. A lot of them say they are ‘open to all’, but tend to be focused on a few models and it can be awkward showing up in something else. Having previous hybrid events lets prospective people find out what kind of event they’re going to.

Would love any feedback on design, functionality or general thoughts.

Thanks in advance!