Feedback on new interface!

The new site looks killing, has this distinct Matrix feel about it :sunglasses:

I have a couple of suggestions though:

  1. It would be neat to have a feature to centre align captions of images.
  2. Making minor edits to already published articles looks like a complicated procedure. Can’t we have a simple way like we used to do in Medium?

Hey @falconite! Glad to hear that you’re really digging the new site :grin: We really want to go for that old retro, but still sleek look and we’re only getting better.

We’re always open for suggestions, and I wanted to address your concerns with the current workflow for editing published articles. This is definitely an item that we have on our radar and want to be delivered as soon as we can. Are there any particular pieces of the Medium workflow that you found eased your use?


Well it’s just the way edits are made in aticles right now. I’m still not sure as to what the procedure is today.
I’ve just saved the published articles with the edits. What do I do next?

@falconite is right, it’s not intuitive about how to edit an already published post.

The feedback confirmation is not informative to the editor. Explicitly calling out the publish event to the end user will ease that confusion.


I absolutely agree right now that there are some major kinks in making the editing process more streamlined for our writers and editors, especially with updating or republishing content.

We’re currently working on discovery for how to iterate and tighten the feedback loop, and de-mystify the publishing process for users. We’ve been working through discovery on a few different potential ways to combat this:

  • A stand alone publishing tab in the user dashboard that displays the progress of all your stories
  • A tracker for all stories in flight on the main dashboard

These aren’t the only options, and we’re open to suggestions if you all have submitted for interacted with any other workflows across the web you think are beneficial to look at :smiley:

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