Feedback for new HN landing page


Hello, People - 大家好!

I’m Rob, I have 7 Years of experience in User Interface Design & Front End Development. Currently studying Chinese Mandarin in Hangzhou, China, and doing an online 1 Year MBA on Aden University. I have been working with the amazing team of Hackernoon on some designs. I’ll love to hear your feedback on this new landing page I did.

All the process here

Thanks for your time and Pura Vida!


I have gone through it.
I have really liked the page. Though I am quite confused with the cascading effect of the top bar.
Also, I would like to give a feedback on having a mechanism of user to change the genre of the story on the fly.

For example I am scrolling though the website and I suddenly remembered that I need to read latest Crypto works. So I can instantly hover the mouse to the left and change the genre. I agree that it is mentioned on the top and the bottom of the website. But as a user I would like it better if it is on the left too. Something like an Ubuntu Linux launcher.

This is just me, and I might be wrong.

Kind regards.


Let’s use github for issues/features!


Interesting idea. Yeah, could be useful and thank you for your feedback!


We can use issues yes, just that I’m using bitbucket (with netlify) instead of github


I think the website looks good.

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why not use a github. it can bring more attention to HN. Don’t be shy


Eh, github, bitbucket, I don’t really care where it lives so much as how people interact with it (or whether they interact with it at all). Personally, I prefer github, but I get it if Rob wants to use bitbucket.

In any case, great stuff Rob! Thank you for sharing with the community :slight_smile:

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Hi Rob,

That’s a good start, here are my two cents:

1# The upper menu takes a lot of space, which will create problems on mobile since you want to engage the viewer the minute he/she lands on the page.
2# The upper categories need to be integrated into the upper menu in an easy to navigate way. Currently, both on the web and especially on mobile, they push the rest of the website down. You’ll probably need to design a solution for web and another one for mobile, but I might be wrong :slight_smile:
3# The ‘hero article’ should be located higher on the page, and have a call to action on it, all posts need to have a CTA as a general rule of thumb. (you should test the CTA of course).
The above will move the design to the next step and we’ll be able to continue from there.


I agree that the top section takes up too much space. I think we can remove the heading and subheading. This will allow us to move the featured stories ~200px up the screen.

I’m mixed on this one. I like the idea of simplifying by removing elements. But it’s unclear to me if the trade-off is worth it. I’d like to get some engagement metrics and try both concepts to see which version results in the most minutes read per session segmented by homepage viewers.

I agree. Removing the heading and subheading from #1 should help solve this.


Sure, I’m all pro testing this…
My leading argument is that engaging viewers is done via titles, and not categories.


This could definitely be true. If so, showing categories is just noise that creates friction, slowing readers down on their path to reading a story.

I do think it’s really important to not treat this as an A/B testing problem and actually use session engagement data to inform our design. Optimizing for clicks can cause us to build an interface that quickly pairs readers with any random story. But if the story isn’t a good match, they’ll likely bounce soon after the click giving us a false positive. Sometimes it’s a good idea to add a little friction on the frontend if the end result is a much better reader/story match.

Not trying to disagree with you here. Mostly just thinking through how we should test the homepage.


Hey Rob!
I have a couple of small things, but overall I’m really liking what you’re doing :slight_smile:

  1. I’d really like to see a slight modification to the hover effect of the buttons. Lightening the text would make reading a bit easier.
  2. I would second the integration of the topics into the header. Also, I think we should think of a potentially nested submenu with larger categories making up the top level? A lot of the topics seem to overlap and I think grouping would be a bit more digestible, especially as we start expanding.
  3. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the “More Stories” section. I think because things aren’t being sectioned as cards (hard border or soft) my eye is jumping around. Maybe we could try a soft border around them?

Overall I think this is a great step in the right direction, good work!