Facebook Insights Tool: How to Get the Perfect Target Audience

Facebook Insights Tool: How to Get the Perfect Target Audience

Facebook is the uncrowned king of the social media platform containing the largest audience than any other social media channels. Nonetheless, many newbie entrepreneurs and juvenile online sellers do not consider this platform more than an interfacing channel.

What CPC ranges are you seeing with this approach? Very cool insight about how to create niche audiences in the 35k-300k range, also curious how you know that is the sweet spot.

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Hi @David!

First of all, thank you for liking the article. It really pays off for all the hard work and research. Highly appreciate your kind words.

Well, CPC range varies depending upon certain factors like:

1- Selection of targeted countries
2- Age group
3- Focused niche
4- Interest & behavior

For us, the ideal range has been in between US$0.01 to US$0.30 with Purchase Ad Set Objective.

As for how I know about 35k to 300k target audience, I have briefly mentioned it in the article. However, to give you complete details on the matter, please check this link: https://www.withintheflow.com/social-media-marketing/facebook-audience-insights-hacks/#heading_1

This article shows how affinity score has helped us find our sweet spot and receive a higher number of sales. And, if you do not get sales from an audience with higher affinity score then you should revise your interests, as it differs from niche to niche.

Hope this gives you proper explanation. If you need further details, let me know.


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