Eyes Staring at The Screen


When this generation works hard, they spend more waking hours staring at the screen than not. That’s a day in the life but what is the effect of that day after day into the end of your life? Your eyes. How you see the world. Lasik’s an option now, but no past generation stares at the screen more than real life like so many of us do today. Looking to learn and publish more about what the screen does to the eyes. Does anyone know the best sources for the effect of increased screen time on the body and mind?

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I’m not sure if extensive screen use (being a programmer especially) has necessarily left me off worse than anyone else my age. My eyesight was poor to begin with although not as bad as friends who don’t stare at a screen as much as I do. My need for glasses/contacts could of been exacerbated by increased screen use in my younger years possibly. I doubt the level of influence screen use has had on my eyes though as I believe I grew up during the transition toward kids viewing screens most of the time from a very young age i.e. 1990s.

My parents played a big hand in this but we had one TV in the house and time was limited growing up. I didn’t really know much about video games until maybe 10 years old. Computer time was limited as well and we only had one family computer we all shared. Got a good old Razr phone when I was 14. Didn’t have my own laptop until college.

Besides the detour down memory lane, I began using a while ago F.lux on Mac as well as a similar app on Chrome to limit blue light based on time of day. Also the second the iPhone came out with limiting screen time I had it lock up almost everything around 10pm as well as limiting certain app usage after an allotted amount of time each day.

From what I have read, of course eye strain is a huge problem from screen use today, as well as poor sleep is another big one. I personally just don’t like the addictiveness that most apps instill in us so try to curtail use as much as possible.

As for resources I have read in the past I list them below although most of them you may have already read if you’ve done a little research into the topic.

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