ExcitePrice –First Dapp On Ethereum Where You Can Short Tron’s Price – Ethereum Is Powerful

Super excited to announce our new platform, ExcitePrice is live on mainnet.

A Quick Disclosure

ExcitePrice is a decentralized app built with new technology that involves certain risks, which should be fully understood before accessing the product. This post is not intended for US persons, people in blocked countries Excite Price chooses not to allow access to, or anyone under the age of 18.

The Idea In 10 Seconds

ExcitePrice is a non-custodial decentralized trading platform that allows traders to use “Events” which are contracts between the trader and ExcitePrice to speculate on cryptocurrency prices.

Events give traders multiplied exposure (similar to leverage) to cryptocurrencies without having to hold the underlying asset. Traders have the ability to go long or short on cryptocurrencies enabling the trader to benefit from price increase and decrease.

Why This Is Awesome

We think this product is really cool, because to our knowledge it’s the first decentralized application on Ethereum that allows people to trade assets outside of the Ethereum blockchain, like EOS and Ripple.

This is totally new innovation.

More Information

For people eligible to use the platform you can go to exciteprice.com, we have an in depth getting started guide and detailed event type guide.

Also, any feedback is always appreciated, we worked really hard to build this and want to make it a success, and we always need help.

Application: https://exciteprice.com/markets


The Excite Price Team

Unfortunately we are not able to offer the product in certain regions around the world.