's New Art: Rethinking Identity as Community’s New Art:
Rethinking Identity as Community

Today, I am excited to launch the first new artwork for the website of Every few months, the website will be updated with new artwork that reflects a new aspect of Ethereum’s identity. The concept of the work focuses on one of Ethereum’s major strengths: the community.

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Really cool to learn about what goes into’s new look!

What’s the meaning of the circling magenta?

Another #hackernoontopstory

The magenta image is part of “Bugs, cats and a unicorn” which consisted of my own work and treasures I found on the Internet. Devcon is going to be in Asia (Japan) this year so it’s the right time to bring up Asian retro futuro vibe :slight_smile:
The neon sign is a night scene in Hong Kong and is a photographic work of Ryan Tang - more work >

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Hey there, nice post!

Just a little note… I believe the Russian spelling here on the post is a little bit different from the one on the main website: Эфириум
 blog post: Этереум


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Nice work, sent you an email Lili, me@ address. Thanks…