Epek.app - a new way to make beautiful and actionable plans

hey folks,
Thanks for starting this! :slight_smile:
I launched epek.app in January this year, and have been making steady improvements over the last few months. If you have used any tools like JIRA, or Asana, or Monday.com, I would love to get your honest feedback on epek.app. Our main focus is on making is super easy to create a plan (or roadmap in product-management speak), and have it directly linked to the day to day work that the teams do, so people don’t lose focus, and have visibility from a very high, (relatively) longer term strategy, to the week-by-week play.
Anyway, would love to get your thoughts, even if you just take a look at the landing page for a couple of minutes :slight_smile:
Cheers, and thanks! :raised_hands: