Emerging market


Hey HN guys! What kind of emerging market do you watch? For example, crypto, remote work, VR and No Code…

Please let me know what market and why do you watch it?

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  • No Code is cool.
  • Remote work is the most old thing here
  • VR - not sure. don’t have cash for that kind of equipment

I’m starting to watch how tools for developers going up. really amazing how far we get with open source movement and automatization of developers routines.


Apart from those already mentioned, I guess enterprise productivity / automation is going quite strong among investors. Slack is just starting point. Lot of disruption is waiting to happen with atlassean, git providers along with smart AI in that space.

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I feel remote working and ecosystem around it would play out great in countries with unsustainable growth!

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chatbots and everything that will remove keyboard from my hands(voice commands) slows down, but i think it’s the same like smarthomes

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