Editing 1.0 Content

For writers with 2.0 accounts, they can now edit their 1.0 stories. Someone on the team just needs to verify and connect. To do this, just email support@hackernoon.com or comment on this thread.

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I need to edit most of my 1.0 stories - all the code blocks don’t display right on mobile and I seem to be losing SEO for not being mobile friendly

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Absolutely. I saw you sent me an email too so I will respond there and here for any other to see.

The steps are as follow:

  1. (optional) If you have a different handle in 2.0 than in 1.0 (for example @linh instead of @linhdaosmooke), we would love to help you redirect your old profile to the new home. Simply reply to this thread with your new profile URL .

  2. Once you have a 2.0 account, we will edit all the past stories with broken codes/issues for you. In case we miss any, please reply with all the URLs that need fixed .

@patrickleet - I saw that you already finished all of the steps above. I will go ahead and convert all your stories to be editable and send you the links via email.

Thank you @linh!

Hi @David! Hope you’re doing awesome.

I finally figured out how to link my 1.0 articles, thanks to @linh. :grin: Now I was hoping if you could help me edit a few of my 1.0 articles. I don’t seem to be able to do that now.

Thanks in advance.

I :heart: HackerNoon 3000!