Does Medium need to put all new stories behind a paywall?


What do you think of medium putting all new stories behind paywall by default? I think if they need to make more money should support Paypal on partner program now that make a more great story from contributor around the world


Hey @krissanawat101, if the goal is to get as many relevant readers as possible, I think the important question here is: how many readers are behind the medium paywall?

Overall, medium’s strategy is gated content, and no one should be surprised when they change workflows to make content easier for them to monetize and less accessible for the rest of the internet.


I don’t know if this should be a new topic, but I’ll write it as a reply here first (Bypassing Medium's paywall).
You can bypass Medium’s paywall by disabling JavaScript, so no cookies that keep track of your subscription status or how many stories you’ve read are kept (you have to be logged out).


Good questions, good answers! Thanks.