Do you have a system for discussing stuff online?


Please reply with a beginner’s perspective in mind. I’m asking because I love creating content and have done so for many years but it is really painful for me to get exposure. I dislike using social media platforms (because of addiction) but it seems unavoidable if you want to get your content out there. I’ve had minor success of content getting views but that was a long time ago. Specifically, I’ve read that the best way to get exposure is on community forums and sites like this (hackernoon). Is that true?

So to elaborate on my thread topic I would like to ask:

  1. How often do you need to post before getting noticed? I usually see answers before I can think of my 2 cents to add and I can’t commit a lot of time.
  2. Do you use any tools, plugins, etc to help you post often and consistently? I prefer to browse in incognito/private mode.
  3. How do you avoid the addiction of social media if you have to engage with people (instagram, twitter)? I’m not one of those opinionated people to jump into virtual debates.

Hi Tom, thank you for posting.My advice is to enjoy writing and avoid the pressure to feel you have to write and post all the time.Writing is a creative and iterative process, so do it when you can get best out of yourself. It is a tricky balance to maintain when you are on certain platform with expectations.

There are several good avenues to express your passion for writing. Medium and this platform is a good start. Social media covers a whole heap of platfroms. Choose one that you feel comfortable with and build an audience.

Write well and you will be noticed in time if your writing resonants strongly with an audience. It could start with just a single individual who then tells others.

You can write under your own name or a sudo. You should write because you need to and not because you want to be noticed.That is also what most people on platform you mentioned are after (empty attention). If there is a good story or book in you and the urge is strong then it will find a way out and a good outlay for you to share it with others. .

Hope this helps

All the best,

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