Digital Video Is the New Key to Startup Recruiting - Here's Why and How to Use It

Digital Video Is the New Key to Startup Recruiting - Here’s Why and How to Use It

In today’s hiring environment, startups face an uphill climb to attract and recruit talented staff. First, they have to overcome massive global skills shortages in a variety of fields. Then, they must offer compensation packages attractive enough to compete with larger, more established companies. Then, they must be able to demonstrate the fact that their company’s culture is a good fit for the candidate, as 56% of workers now consider that to be a make-or-break factor in their decision.

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I think it’s a very important article that can help a lot of job seekers to find a job.
I think it can be a great feature for students, that looking for their first full-time work.

When one of my students - bright guy - was not able quickly to get employement contract - one of my reactions was - we just need to shoot a great video, upload it on YouTube and share with each recruiter - that he’ll be in touch with. because it can make him more interesting for hire.