Digital Rome and the Real Value of Cryptocurrency

Digital Rome and the Real Value of Cryptocurrency

Max Hasselhoff’s Guide to Making Sense of the Cryptospace


Wow, this is a great article for newbies - everything is put very simply and supported by sufficient evidence. I will surely share it with my friends so they have a general idea of how crypto market works.


the ending of this article is so hopefully. author must be a real believer. I wish people were more focused on developing the technololgy rather than following ponzi for quick cash.

Joshy thank you for your kind comment and for sharing! the more people critically thinking about the development of cryptocurrency the better!

Great analogy. And a great explanation.

It’s a must-read for both rookies and pros alike. Good job.

The sooner we all realize the potential of cryptocurrencies and stop running after making money out of cryptos, the better for us.

Most people today only consider cryptocurrencies as a trading asset while not considering the technology and how they could be used on a wider spectrum.

By the way, nice work with the writeup

Cryptocurrencies are today mostly seen as investment asset while they were created to serve as a decentralized payment method. And it is unlikely that most people would be willing to use cryptos as money, given how volatile cryptocurrencies are.

Although the long term graph of the top cryptocurrencies show exceptional growth, it’s the short term price movements that most people pay more heed to. And for any non-investor, the price movements of cryptos can be intimidating.