Did you review my stories thread (5+ days since submission)

Hello, please review our article - https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/sXmGifPgyLI6xJiWd0tu
It’s been 15 days. Brand as Author.

Hi @David @Hackerhodl,
Could you please review my story: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/VVQ8BrWWzSX2flMjMkDt ?
It’s been 17 days.

@Hackerhodl Hey, I have submitted an article 5day back but still not reviewed can you please check it now draft link- https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/hZJzr9pt6hF4xNZUD3Ow

Hi @arthur.tkachenko,

I had submitted a story to the community 15 days back and it still hasn’t been reviewed. As suggested I have mailed support@hackernoon.com, but did not get any reply.

I am reaching out to you to look into it. I will appreciate a response from your team.

Excerpt: Do you take charge of your own growth by managing up or believe it’s your managers responsibility to enable trust, build a strong rapport with you, give you work that will help you shine and remove all barriers that can impede your success at work. How do you see the other side of this bi-directional relationship? Managing up by investing in building a relationship with your manager to work better together requires taking initiative, caring for the person above and sharing responsibility
Link to the article:

Thanks for your help,

Hi @vinitabansal it’s a great story and it will be published pretty soon

Thanks @arthur.tkachenko. I appreciate your prompt response and look forward to more contributions.

Hi @arthur.tkachenko,

My story has been published. Thanks for the support of your team.

However, I noticed that my original featured image has been removed and replaced with a very blurred image by your team. Another image under the section “Why do we avoid managing up” has also been removed.

Can you please help me get those images updated?


@Christopher_Fowler I can view your story - https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/rfcGwGLVHp2PRs0BkvSt
But can’t publish it, because it was not submitted for our review.

Can you submit it and buzz me then?


Hi @Piven nice to meet you.
I can see your story, but can’t act because it’s not submitted to our editorial queue.

But for me, https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/LVnJMzecILsceUm6Tn3E this is a promotional story and i’ll be forced to reject it.


PS second story is promotional as well. If you want to publish it - you should convert your account into brand. Details is here: https://hackernoon.com/what-is-brand-as-author-7r2ig3202

Yes, I decided to update some of your images. Not remember why, but I have reason for that :slight_smile:

Hi @arthur.tkachenko,

Thanks for your response.

You have removed 2 images. Hackernoon suggests that we provide high-quality images in posts. Will it be possible for you to check why you removed them and if you need some changes in those images to add them back? I will be happy to make those changes and provide them to you.

One more request - I noticed that my article has been linked to my original article, but the canonical tag is not specified. This tag is very important to link to original source. Can you please check this once at your end.


Hi @arthur.tkachenko @Hackerhodl @David

Please review my story: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/feSbrMOqulLm7kY8xDjr


Hi @arthur.tkachenko,

I will really appreciate it if someone can add the canonical tag to my original article for this story. Kindly take a look once.

This story is missing canonical tag - https://hackernoon.com/how-to-be-responsible-of-your-own-growth-jd1p3u8e


Hello @arthur.tkachenko and @natasha Please remove and live my story https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/Y5NlMIGcUwFmEmpEHd8s

Hey. I have submitted my story a week ago but still didn’t received any message if it is ok and will be published. @Hackerhodl could you take look at it? I’d be very thankful for your review and time spent.


Hi, waiting for publication

Hi @arthur.tkachenko,

I am following up to check regarding canonical tag. It’s really important to add the source to my original article to avoid being penalised by search engines.

I have mailed support@hackernoon.com as well as stories@hackernoon.com, but did not get any reply.

Kindly support in getting this fixed by your team.


Hi @arthur.tkachenko,

I submitted a story 7 days ago, here is the link: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/5QoLlBh7sRQEMeXFHoAz

Can you please review it?