"Did you review my stories?" thread (4+ days since submission)

Hello, @storm I think 5 days over, Did my blog reviewed? I published through contribute button as a draft again as my first article was not published so thats y and now three days ago I did with go to publication section after publishing in medium.

Kindly update me on this !!

Hi there @jacobpassy.mw, your story has been published.

Hello, I have posted my this story on Hackernoon please review this story and tell me about the story. please review it and will get publish @Storm and @natasha

Here is the story link - https://hackernoon.com/how-to-fix-err-connection-timed-out-error-1f1325bfaf8c

Hello I am Nikhil Gupta . I have submitted an article as a new writer on your https://contribute.hackernoon.com but I have not get any email at yet. When you will see my story on hackernoon . My medium handler is here - https://medium.com/@nikhilguptadelhi . Please review my article and will get publish

Please @natasha and @Storm review my article and will get publish on hackernoon.
Here is the link of draft - https://medium.com/p/8bb7d345d7c4/edit

Thanks for lot Storm for your response. I have added my two article google doc links below:

(Submission Id : 5cf6268db234f20576340d07)

(Submission id: 5cca82d3b234f20d3b6c335c)

I’m looking forward to it.


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@nik4guptaofficial your submission is still in draft mode. Please submit it to the Hacker Noon publication as per these guidelines.

@vikash.kumar I meant submit the Medium article links. We don’t not accept Google doc link submissions.

Hi Storm,
If you can add me as a author https://medium.com/@vikash.kumar_29315 so that I can submit to publication.

Awaiting response.

Hi HN editors!
I submitted a draft both through the Medium “Add to publication” option and through the contribute.hackernoon.com site. Any updates on it? https://medium.com/p/1323464e7615

Hi @Storm @natasha
I have submitted my story since 8 June 2019 both from email, and 2 days ago from contribute.hackernoon.com. My handle is @ktutnik.

Here is the draft i submitted https://hackernoon.com/add-auditing-system-into-existing-rest-api-using-aop-and-metaprogramming-4fbb522240ea

Can you check please?


@Storm @natasha why i did not get rights of a writer on Hackernoon and sent you story last 4 days please have a look where is the problem. I have written many more articles for our readers. Please have a look on there and let me know.

@natasha Please have a look :slightly_smiling_face:

@nik4guptaofficial please review this article about being respectful in our forums, and keep that in mind when communicating with editors in future.

I have submitted a request to our coordinator to add you as a writer and will review your stories when you have been added. You will receive an update when we get to it.

Hello @Storm, Here’s the links to my Medium Article links:

I hope that you will review this soon.

Looking forward to your response.

Hi Editors @Storm and @natasha ,

It’s been a while I’ve submitted my article on contribute.hackernoon.com, tried reaching out through mail. Can you please let me know the status of the submission.

Submission Link: https://hackernoon.com/how-does-ssl-tls-make-the-https-secure-d247bd4e4cae
Submitted on: 2019-05-30

Waiting for your reply.


@nik4guptaofficial I’ve just checked with our team, and you have already been added as a writer. You should be able to submit your story as per the above-mentioned guidelines.

@kewal.kothari your submission has been reviewed and published.

Thanks a lot! @Storm

Hi @vikash.kumar, you’ve been added as an author. Please submit your drafts to Hacker Noon.