"Did you review my stories?" thread (4+ days since submission)

I submitted this story:

… on Apr 2nd. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @hackernoondev, https://hackernoon.com/flutter-not-yet-another-x-platform-framework-c7edfaadee65 was submitted o 2019-04-04 11:28:24


Hi Folks, My article has been pending for a while now, https://medium.com/@ali.usman.net/there-is-no-such-thing-called-failure-6553e3ab918b?source=friends_link&sk=e13a61972e052c3e393dc5ca6930f621 May i please get someone to have a look at it

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Hey guys

I was hoping you could take a look at my article - it was submitted on 30th March:

Hello Editors

My story was published as on April 3, 2019 on medium.
But not yet on HN.

It seems like I am in a very long queue…

Are we loading up articles for HN 2.0???


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I submitted my story days ago (https://medium.com/@miklosphilips/ux-trends-2018-a-retrospective-356bd10615a4) could you please review or give me a status? Thank You.

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My story is still unreviewed…after a brief follow up…where is it located in the queue?

Hello Editors,

https://medium.com/p/7c3218bd5739/edit here’s my story. Can you review it please ?

Hello @natasha,
I have submitted my story https://hackernoon.com/top-8-angular-component-libraries-you-should-know-in-2019-68fcfdc6a093 on 29th March.
I even followed up on editors email.
Would love to hear an update on when it will be published.

My humble apologies for missing this one, @tcl! It’s such a great article. Scheduled to publish today at 6am MT, to capitalize on our busiest time of day, traffic-wise.

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Hi there,
I posted this article via medium 7 days ago and still looking for a decision. Let me know your input on this. thanks. https://hackernoon.com/future-of-the-iot-4e2d01216e52

Hey there @jitu,

Sorry about the wait - scheduled to publish in a couple hours!

Apologies for the wait; now published!

Hey @niravbhatt.cpp, have you submitted this story to the publication? Once you do so, we can review and publish!

No worries :slight_smile: Thanks Natasha

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Looking to get my article published… Submitted draft through contribute.hackernoon.com

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Hi, This is due over a month. Waiting for the review https://hackernoon.com/kickstarting-dockers-7bf897e45fb7

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Sorry about the wait, @h3ypb! Now published :up:


Hi @oliviadiaz

Your story is now live on Hacker Noon.

It’s a pleasant read. Looking forward to more submissions from you.

No worries, thanks mate!