"Did you review my stories?" thread (4+ days since submission)


@natasha Can you please check out my blog again. Everything is done from my end.


Hi @natasha, excited to submit a hackernoon article for the first time! I submitted one over 4 days ago on Monday and still waiting on a response. The title is “How to find the 10x founder” and I shared it via a google doc. LMK if I should submit it via a draft on medium. Thanks!

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Check my article out please @natasha @Storm, my link is https://hackernoon.com/how-to-boost-your-google-ranking-with-mobile-first-indexing-e6c6edbe9b29


Hi there @Iba, thank you for reaching out! I’m excited to review your story :clap:

We’re in the middle of a transition off Medium and on to Hacker Noon 2.0! That means you can now visit https://auth.hackernoon.com/ to create your writer profile using your community.hackernoon.com sign in. Once you’ve set up your profile, you can draft your article in our new Editor, and submit it for review. Let me know if you need any further help?


Thanks @natasha- where should I go to visit the Editor and submit the article for review? FYI- I’ve already completed my profile.


Found it! https://app.hackernoon.com/


@natasha I’d like to try submitting an article using your new editor. However, when I go to https://app.hackernoon.com/ it tells me to “Sign up or log in” even though I’m already logged in on the community forum. Am I missing a step or do I need to be invited?


So sorry about that Jason.

Could you try restarting your computer, clear all cache, or even switch browser to see if the problem’ still happening?


Just uploaded the article in the new 2.0 editor- really smooth experience. Excited for the new hackernoon! @natasha

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I submitted one of my new stories using the hackernoon 2.0, 10 days ago. I created the same post using the medium platform:

Do you have any feedback?


Hi!, @natasha @Storm I’ve published an article almost 5 days ago. Can you please give me an update on this story https://medium.com/p/e6c6edbe9b29/edit or https://medium.com/hackernoon/how-to-boost-your-google-ranking-with-mobile-first-indexing-e6c6edbe9b29. Can’t seem to get access to my noon 2.0 account, it keeps showing ‘‘Sign up or Log in’’


Hi Editors
Any update on my article that I recently published on Hackernoon 2.0



I have submitted this on Monday. Here is the draft- https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/everything-you-need-to-know-about-erc721-tokens-b4b232h4. I haven’t received any response yet.

@utsavjaiswal- When will it get published?


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Hello hackers. I have submitted this piece 6days ago… I hope it’ll be publish soon https://hackernoon.com/social-media-is-social-it-cannot-gave-you-skin-in-the-game-4d2080c58911


I also submitted my draft like 5 days ago and ai still didn’t got a response ,can you please check…

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