"Did you review my stories?" thread (4+ days since submission)

Been 4 days since I submitted the draft @natasha @linh

Kindly provide your feedback on my story. Its been 4 days since I submitted the draft on Medium

Hello guys! @hackernoondev

I have also submitted my story on the 3rd of May. I am not sure if the weekends are counted, if it’s not I apologize.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Published in hackernoon around 5 days back, hasn’t been reviewed / published:

Hey guys,
@linh @hackernoondev @natasha
It’s been over a month. Can you please check this one out? - https://hackernoon.com/selenium-as-an-automation-testing-tool-aye-or-nay-fddb56527af1

hey for software dev stories now you can direct to @Storm :slight_smile: thanks.

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Thanks for the quick reply, @linh.
@Storm, It’s been over a month. Can you please take a look into my article - https://hackernoon.com/selenium-as-an-automation-testing-tool-aye-or-nay-fddb56527af1

Hello @linh,
In fact, my article got published shortly after. Very fast and easy :slight_smile:

Thank you very much

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Hi @renjujose,
Your story has been published. In future, please be wary of capitalising too many words.


Sure @Storm. Thanks for the pointer. Will keep that in mind.
And thanks for reviewing the post in such a short time. :handshake:

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@maziyar your story has already been published.

@linh @natasha anyone care to review mine? It’s been around 7 days now…

Could I have my article on Quantum AI reviewed –

Hey guys please publish the following. @Storm @hackernoondev

  1. https://medium.com/@gokulnk/understanding-async-await-in-javascript-1d81bb079b2c
  2. https://medium.com/@gokulnk/understanding-promises-in-javascript-13d99df067c1
  3. https://medium.com/@gokulnk/should-i-use-promises-or-async-await-126ab5c98789

@nkgokul we’ll review your submissions shortly.

Hello Editors,

https://medium.com/p/d36162997a6/edit. Can you control the story,please?

Please check this blog

Your articles have now been published.

Your article has been reviewed and published.

It’s been 9 days now…when will it get reviewed?

@hackernoondev @natasha @linh