"Did you review my stories?" thread (4+ days since submission)

@Storm @piratebeachbum team i didnt mention that date / month which i want published my article, i think 4 days over can you check it and review my article, next time i will also mention date so that i can get the publish article in urgent basis

Hello editors @natasha @Storm ,

Have you reviewed by story? It’s been more than a week ago. Waiting for your approval.
Kindly update me on this. Thank you !!

Links -

Hi @natasha, @Storm,

I uploaded a draft to Hackernoon 2.0 as a Medium Draft 4 days ago but haven’t heard anything back yet or whether I’ve been accepted as a writer. When available, could I get an update, please? Thanks very much.

Thanks, @natasha, @Storm,

I’ve now been added as a writer. Any update on the draft sent in?

It looks like the editor has made some changes to the article, and added a new image but that’s it. Can any one please tell me whether my story has been accepted or not?

https://medium.com/@rohanofficial/f2dcc5490ad3 @natasha @utsavjaiswal

Editorial team, here another request for submission: I submitted a story 3 days ago and there's no response since then

Hello @natasha ma’am and @Storm sir I have submitted article on hackernoon at 20th June and I do not get any notification at yet by hackernoon. Please review my story on hackernoon here is the link of story -

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Hello @Storm and @natasha ,

Have you reviewed my story? I have sent you as a drafted story by 6 days ago but didnt get any update on this.

Kindly let me know the status on this.
Thank you !!

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@Storm @natasha @utsavjaiswal and other members of Editorial team, this is another request for publishing a few stories: How can I check my submitted article status?

Its really really sad that after a wait for long time today i recieve a response that my article wasnt accepted, now can you tell me the reason please??? @Storm @piratebeachbum

Hey @priyankg3

Regarding the Fesschain article: it was too promotional. If you want, I can help you in future articles.

Your story is live now.

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Your articles have been reviewed.

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Yes, why not! As this is my second article, So i have to learn a lot …
If you can help me in this article to improve then it will be good.

Hi @Hackerhodl,

Any update on my article? I sent it in to be reviewed over a week ago. Thanks very much.

Can you share a link to your draft here? @sharon.kinsella

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Here it is: https://medium.com/@sharon.kinsella/hacking-and-the-iot-2486f0b4abf2

Thanks very much.

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Thank you so much sir :slight_smile:

Hey @sharon.kinsella,

Please check out the note I left on your story.

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Hi @priyankg3,

There’s a simple trick that I picked up while writing:

Write for the reader. Not about the product.

We often make this mistake while talking about how great a product it. Make the angle around what gap does the product fulfil and you’ll be set.

Check out some articles by @reza and Daniel Jeffries on Hacker Noon. See how they’ve connected with the audience.

Hope that helps.