Did HN remove the ability to edit posts? Is there a way to edit the post in HTML?


I’m a relatively new writer here. Originally, when I started a few months ago I had the ability to edit posts after they were published (sometimes I’d notice a typo or want to edit the formatting or something). However, now when I click “edit post” it just loads a blank page.

Also, I have some HTML experience and was wondering if there was an option to edit posts in HTML?



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@utsavjaiswal Sorry to bother you, but do you know the answer this these questions ^

Yea - can’t even see any of my published articles in dashboard anymore?

Just draft and archived?

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I think it will be solved pretty soon with update that our developers working on.
You can’t edit an HTML, but if you need help with formatting your article - you can buzz me with link to your article and i’ll try to help you

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I think it’ll be solved pretty soon. will try to keep you updated on that