Developer Simulator

I’m a big fan of simulation game (e.g. Sims, City Skyline, Tycoons game, etc), but I find out there’s only few games that simulates developers life/work.

“Game Dev Tycoon” probably is the most successful one. One is not enough, I’m thinking we hackers should build a game like “homeless simulator” which simulates the daily stuff in developer life. Please comment if you’re interested in or you have some idea about the features/types/any thing about the game for developer.

Here’s some thoughts I got and resources we can reference:

  1. If this game is a board/card game. Here’s a good reference:

  2. The game can have skill tree for different type of developers (like those in Warcraft for different career)

  3. Different types of bug/exceptions are like monsters, and your skill is the weapon

  4. Instead of getting EXP player will get card which can be used for training. Different combination usage of cards can bring special skill (reference from Nientendo pocket football club)

  5. Player can have multiple attr, like backend skill, frontend skill, DevOps skill, and energy which will limit player do tons of stuff at a time and slow down the game process.

  6. Player can have teammates like PM, intern QA, fake-resume contractor, rockstar senior developer, which can help/drag you from achieving your goal.

  7. Player can have title system as motivation

That’s all I have for now. It is not a graphics heavy game, most of the work is design the game mechanics.

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