Design Updates Part 1/3: Curated and Non-curated Tag Pages


Greetings! We wanted to give you all a better deep dive on some of the individual designs I posted later last week.

Our tag pages are going to be one of the vital ways that you all consume content, both curated and non-curated. The concept behind the curated pages is that section editors will be able to highlight featured stories and authors, as well as giving you direct insight as to how others are reacting to stories.

Content posted by brands-as-authors will be visibility highlighted by name badges for full transparency. This was a very strong focus of mine as we developed the pages. I believe users should be able to make informed decisions as to what is and isn’t sponsored content.

Additionally, we’re hoping further down the line to add rankings (and even a ranked tag page!) and sorting, but you’ll have to stick around for those features in the future. As always, your feedback and input matters greatly to delivering the best we can, so please let me and the team know what other ideas you have for us.

Non-Curated Tag Page v2

Curated Tag Page v1

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love the “# sponsor” and the additional of statistics around tag activity, but the sponsor slots are too many pixels in this version. if it’s the only sponsorship on the page, it doesnt have to be big to do the job.

it’s been great to see you iterating on these pages, @faithcorinne. really excited for these pages to be live.