Design Update Part 3/3: Sticky Author Bio I-1


Following up from earlier this week we have a deep dive of the sticky author bio on story pages!

This was definitely a tricky item and one that is still in progress. I wanted to achieve several things with this design:

  1. Showcase additional work by the author — it’s not unusual to want to read more by an author you like once you find them, so I wanted their content to be as easily accessible from other pieces, as it is on their profile.

  2. Keep the user informed about the piece they’re currently reading — if you’re anything like me, sometimes you’re catching up on the latest and someone asks what you’re reading; instead of having to scroll to the top and lose your place, you’ll have it right there for you

  3. Be able to quickly check out other social media and professional outlets the author has — whether it’s a shoutout on Twitter or checking their latest code on GitHub, we want to make sure you all can stay connected.

So with all of that out of the way, let me know what you all think! What’s missing, what needs more work, what are you digging? Much appreciated and thanks for making this a big community effort.


Pretty cool, linking the additional stories is lit