Design Update Part 2/3: Homepage I-2


Next up in our quick deep dives (oxymoron I know), is the Homepage! Working off of the very first design iteration from @lastresmoyallc, one of our front end developers, we’ve only expanded.

Some of the things I really liked about this iteration was doing something really out of the box! Lots of color, modules, lists, etc. and while it’s a little overwhelming it’s on it’s way.

The trending section is something that will be constantly evolving, but the main idea was to display not only highly viewed stories, but also highly reacted to stories. I think I’d like to transition to two separate sections, with one large multi-module carousel, but I’d love your thoughts!

Additionally, we have a “Stack Overflow” section for editor-selected stories based on tags. These will hopefully house the up-and-coming stories from those selected tags. Mostly to help break up the page, but also to give you all even more content to peruse.

Finally for the “Afternoon Roundup” section, this is a big smorgasbord section with lots of miscellaneous, but engaging content. This will hopefully play really well with exposing you to content you may not have encountered otherwise, especially once we tackle if and how we work with individualizing feeds. For now, you’ll have more than enough to keep you entertained, interacting, and most of all hacking away your afternoon.

Homepage I-2:

As always: feedback, feedback, feedback! Let’s make this site great. Cheers!


looking solid :grin: not sure how i feel about the shadow around the ad boxes yet!
also, what do u think about HN font for the nav bar?


I’d like to try it out for sure! I mostly just worry about legibility and ease of use. I think it might work will in the mega menu too as an option.

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@faithcorinne can we have a separate section for latest technologies like ML/DL and AI.? or these topics are already merged into another sub section( i don’t see it in the image)?

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will this design A/B tested? I mean there always a gap between what UX designer want and how peope use it. current homepage of HN is a good example of how David customly using blocks that Medium provides

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I believe that ML/DL and AI will be subsections within our “Futurism” section :slight_smile: